Monday, December 3, 2012

Future of publishing industry lies in technology
is well-known in Humboldt County 
as the printing shop of choice. Established is 1972, it is privately held. 
Bug Press features commercial printing & lithographic services. 
ROBERT ARENA, owner, is highly articulate making him a great interview candidate.

MOLLOY: What is the biggest shift in the industry that you have noticed since you began?

ARENA: The technology and methods of delivering messages has changed with the advent of the internet and digital printing. While there has been democratization in this delivery, the education toward effectiveness is lacking.

MOLLOY: In your opinion, what does the future hold for the publishing industry?

ARENA: Publishing would deal with books and magazines. These materials now can be made in editions of one in print or just as interactive electronic documents.  We are in our infancy, only starting to see how this new paradigm will open possibilities.
It is very exciting. There is a rising need for individual books that can not be met by video displays, a push back to our increasingly impersonal technological world.

MOLLOY: What projects are you currently working on?
ARENA: Up on the wall right now we have the program for "The Nutcracker Suite", an annual for the NORTH COAST DANCE. We also print up specialty jobs for local artists. The artists may not be able to sell a larger piece, but they can always sell a beautifully made card, printed on good stock, with a print-on-demand agreement. 

MOLLOY: I know of several fine art photographers who are dedicated to your diligence to give a good product. Thank you for doing such a great job on the program of the Eureka Symphony, in which I had placed an ad.

I had the opportunity to tour the Bug Press facilities located in Arcata, CA. Arena was a gracious host and stressed how much he enjoyed having visitors come by and check out the process.

For my own edification I searched Http://

Should a writer, artist, or group in need of a program, book or online marketing feedback for direct mailing efforts, Bug Press is sure to please. It is pleasure to watch a business develop and prosper knowing it had endured so many growing pains, shifting its emphasis and services as the industry has changed.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

John LeBoutillier Independent Force

I am very pleased to introduce   former New York Congressman (R) 
John LeBoutillier.

Having known LeBoutillier since the 1970's when he was going to Harvard, he graduated second in his class and promptly wrote
"Harvard Hates America: The Odyssey of a Born-Again American" (1978). I was clueless about politics, busy taking ballet classes and  going to museums.
I always liked John LeBoutillier and I am proud to call him a friend.
Always cryptic and direct, he wrote at second book "Vietnam Now: A Case for Normalizing Relations with Hanoi" (1978). I recall him begin referred to as the "enfant terrible" due to his fearless confrontation and unflappable youth within the House Of Representatives. He was the youngest member to ever win his seat. I hope he runs for President of the United States.

MOLLOY: When did you decide to get an agent?

LEBOUTILLIER: I have never had an agent ....negotiated my deal myself.

This figures now that he is on Fox News every Sunday, as a featured contributor. Being fiercely independent has always been a noticeable trait.

LeBoutillier served in the 97th Congress in New York's 6th District from 1981-1983. He served on the House of Foreign Affairs Committee. He was a member of the Special House POW/MIA Task Force. He founded the Sky Hook II Project, dedicated to recovering living American POWs in Southeast Asia.

LeBoutillier, Newsmax columnist, American political commentator, pundit & blogger you can read
"Boot's Blasts" on
A Youtube video features LeBoutillier in a controversial conversation about the Marines scandal, the future of the Republican party, and much more.

In general I think most creative people prefer to work with an agent or manager, but I also think it is healthy to be as independent as possible, so Bravo! John LeBoutillier!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Attorney Zwerdling discusses Martha Graham
Attorney Zachary Zwerdling
is working out of Eureka, California although his educational background features Stanford University & Santa Clara University School of Law.

MOLLOY: As a creative artist myself in a cyberspace world, I was wondering if you dealt much with content protection at this point?

ZWERDLING: My practice focuses on civil law & personal injury cases, but I can easily suggest several lawyers working in the Los Angeles area that would have greater experience in this field. I am currently a member in a rock-and-roll band, therefore I  have a serious interest in copyright laws however. I hate it when files are stolen without proper credit.

MOLLOY: I am aware of a conference being sponsored by Variety Magazine upcoming in December that features the topic of content protection with some of the best minds and largest budgets in the industry. Http://

The beauty of knowing someone since high school days is that I know your mom was a dancer in NYC. Could you remind me who she had performed with?

ZWERDLING: Thanks for remembering my mom. Yes, she performed with Martha Graham Dance Company and also created a concert at Carnegie Hall with a friend of hers, another dancer. The score was developed especially by the same composer from the Graham company at the time.

MOLLOY: His name?

ZWERDLING: His name was Ned Roren, a peer of Aaron Copeland, who usually did the music.

MOLLOY: Do you have programs or costumes?

ZWERDLING: It is all packed away, but yes, I do have a collection that she had kept. I don't know where to begin.

MOLLOY: Let's start with pictures. I have the perfect camera, very simple. There are places in San Francicso... The Performing Arts Library at the War Memorial Opera House Complex, or in NYC at Lincoln Center, they also have a performing arts library and research center. I will get started for you, this is terribly exciting for me & I know it would of great interest to other dance lovers.

ZWERDLING: She definitely gave me the appreciation for dance.

MOLLOY: You were one of the few people who actually understood what I was doing... going off to dance class day after day during my teen age years. Dance was the only thing that made sense to me, & I remain devoted to my first love, the ballet. Thanks Zachary!

Zwerdling, Bragg, & Mainzer, LLP
is the name of the firm where Zwerdling is currently at work.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Evil & Good in Law & Entertainment (Black Swan)

Since I was a child I have been fascinated with the full-length ballet "Swan Lake". I had the good fortune of having a mother that would take me to watch classical ballets in Portland, OR or San Francisco, CA. I witnessed The Royal Ballet from London, and The Bolshoi Ballet from Russia.
With the emblem arch-types of black & white, thus evil & good, my small child mind was riddled with symbolism for psychological metaphor.

The producer for the film "Black Swan", Fox Searchlight, is being sued by two former interns for violating minimum wage and overtime laws. Interns Glatt and Footman were seeking a jury trial in a suit where they were required to track purchase orders and personnel files. They was also gossip amongst the dance community about the use or misuse of the company dancers and stand-ins also.

We are privy to another politically charged film, where there is a suit against "2016: Obama's America" Dinesh D'Souza, the documentary's star and director. Judge Kevin Enright wrote that "The applications before the court are vague, lack specificity, and do not seek to enjoin a particular act"...."The plaintiffs failed to make an adequate showing of irreparable harm to occur in such a way which cannot be later remedied". Apparently decisions about funding had been made in a manner that was not in line with the memory of the Sain Communications, Inc. or Rancho Esperanza, both entities felt entitled to rearrange how the money was being spent.(

There has been some squabbling in California courts about Netflix in a Class Action Lawsuit. Netflix has had a practice titled "decoupling" which separates Entertainment Content Viewing History, be it television or movies a person may have watched. The issues include the protection of privacy, identity, and personal information through user control.(

In Sum: To me, the common thread of these three stories is the altered landscape of boundaries. In the dance world, there is such competition and willingness to perform on the stage, that often dancers are taken advantage of. Privacy concerns by customers are begin generated as each of us who use the Internet are inundated with companies and social websites beckoning and urging us to give us more and more personal information. The third boundary for me with serious consequences is that we now have a celebrity President. This is a manifestation of the need of government officials to look the part.
Unfortunately, we recently needed a Commander-In-Chief with military experience to make some difficult decisions that could have saved our Ambassador's life, and not a person who speaks well and rubs shoulders with television hosts, with priorities that included stardom but not citizen safety. As a product of the 50's-60's I well remember the McCarthy era, and to me, it is in reverse. People with traditional values are black-listed while celebrities without boundaries get the roles. Religious and faith-based persons who just say NO, are not often included in the crossover lifestyles witnessed and celebrated by most of today's public. I do not know a better place than the arts to express one's ideas, but I think so much of creativity can be sifted through a lens of political correctness, that creativity itself, has lost its innocence.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Libby Maynard, Community Arts Maven

Libby Maynard, trusted expert & community arts maven, ... she has graced the Humboldt County Arts Scene since first arriving to attend Humboldt State University in 1967.

Prior to her move, she had begun her collegiate career at Wellesley College, Wellesley, MASS. &
at the International School of Bangkok, Bangkok,

With her clear vision of the value of a community with a strong arts emphasis, she has pioneered individuals and organizations to propose projects that work within the realm of The Ink People mission. These proposals are determined to fall into four categories:  1) short-term "one-offs   2) long-term "one-offs"  3) standing programs of The Ink People  4) with development and planning, projects become separate 501c3 entities.

Confronting the myth of the eternal "starving artist", Maynard refuses to go negative. I personally have enjoyed her enthusiasm & support for creative projects, noticing her self-discipline to remain positive.

Back to detailing Maynard's work in Humboldt County, located in Northern California, she has organized cultural communities featuring their expression through the arts with Native Americans,
the Hmong, & with the Latino community. We are all the wealthier in spirit for these efforts.

Maynard is an excellent project manager, and her talent for fostering the creative spirits among us is a true strength. In addition to her love of the arts she has the required skills of good presentation, good understanding of business, command over writing, leadership skills for individuals & groups, and her high energy and integrity.

Another person dedicated to creative entrepreneurship is Mark McGuinness, with a website for artists that includes coaching, training and coursework called The Creative Pathfinder.

Todd Henry is a leader in the creative productivity business. He discusses "inventing brilliant solutions that meet specific objectives by defined deadlines",...a tall order. But he is finding method ot the madness and along with his breakthrough book THE ACCIDENTAL CREATIVE, he offers a series of podcasts on his website Http://
AC Podcast: Steal Like An Artist with Austin Kleon
AC Podcast: Creative Inversion
AC Podcast: The Nature of Contribution
AC Podcast: Wyatt Jenkins of Shutterstock
AC Podcast: Leveraging Failure For Growth

We are fortunate indeed to have at our fingertips such an abundance of information & inspiration.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

David Powell Lyric Tenor Goes To New York

David Powell Lyric Tenor
I have a pronounced and deep love of the singing voice.
I would like to be reincarnated as an opera singer, but since the chances are slim, I resort to listening to lyric tenors. Not a bad alternative really.

I began my studies of the classical arts with ballet lessons as a child and young adult. This acquainted me with classical scores for the opera... birthplace of the ballet. I took piano lessons to no avail, but I can learn music by listening and memorization, and compose the same way.

Let's begin with Enrico Caruso (1873-1921, Naples), who stated when interviewed about why the public insisted on buying tickets to hear and see him sing in the opera. He claimed "they are buying my pain". As an orator of the truth, the human voice does depict the truth and sorrows of our own existence. Here is an example of Andre Bocelli singins Caruso on

In the 90's we had The Three Tenors making the rounds. I have one of their video-tapes from their concert with the Los Angeles Philharmonic and the Los Angeles Music Center Opera Chorus. This features "Ave Maria" with Luciano Pavarotti, "With A Song In My Heart" with Jose Carrerras, "Amor, Vida De Mi Vida" with Placido Domingo, and a stunning "The Star-Spangled Banner" with all three fabulous voices as one.

I am mentioning this history of tenors as I listened to a radio interview this week with Nathan Pacheco with Jim Bohannan. Pacheco's unique blend of skill, imagination, and respect for those who came before him, give his music sung in Portuguese, Italian, and English, a thrilling fusion of technique and style.

Humboldt County is fortunate to be home to David Powell, Lyric Tenor, in his sendoff concert as he is moving to New York to pursue his musical career. His program includes familiar arias, oratorio, art songs, Broadway show tunes with more on the list. The performances are being held at the redwood, stained glassed sanctuary of the Christ Episcopal Church in Eureka, a firm supporter of classical music.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Negotiation Experience A Big PLUS!

Producer & Executive 
Bill Morrill 

Clarke Historical Museum collection "Fort Humboldt"

To follow are questions about negotiation in television advertising & production.
Bill Morrill, Humboldt County history buff and creator of "101 Milestones" (a video featuring Northwestern California's Redwood Coast, and historical records) discusses how values play a large role in negotiating. 

MOLLOY:   I know that you handle television advertising contracts on a daily basis. In addition, your recently worked with 
Shell Oil, owned by Mario Andretti. When working with high profile companies and personalities, do you consciously separate the personalities from the negotiation bullet points?

MORRILL:  There's no separation...people are generally the root of conflict and problems.

MOLLOY:  What is your "negotiating persona", or rather, when you enter the room ready to work on a contract, are you always willing to accommodate their requests to secure the deal?

MORRILL:  I approach the table from a position of strength. I always reiterate benefits of placement and how the success of the project lies in reaching to the audience.

MOLLOY:  When you think your client may not be playing fair, do you confront them? How do you choose to handle difficult situations in the Board Room?

MORRILL:  The challenge is always do the best job you can to help the client, while upholding your worth and value of the product.

MOLLOY:   With your experiences in negotiating with strangers and friends alike, do you have a different set of rules for different situations?

MORRILL:  Honesty and kindness go a long way----sincerity can be read when it's real.

MOLLOY:  So then perhaps, strangers can become friends. Mutual benefit is a key, we all want the WIN-WIN. Can you give me an example of finding that balance necessary for succeeding in your negotiations?

MORRILL:  I met Mario Andretti personally several times when working on the Shell Oil deal. I thanked him for his trust, and he thanked me for doing a good job. I hope this helps.

Bill Morrill moved to Humboldt County in 1972. He is a direct descendent of pioneers Joseph & Zipporah Russ. His family still owns Fern Cottage, Ferndale, their ancestral property. He is active in writing about local history. The photograph above represents the large collection found at the Clarke Museum, Eureka. He produced a series about Humboldt history that aired 50 episodes on Fox 29 and MyNet 33, beginning in 2006.

Bill Morrill enjoying a classic car show
Please visit the site Http://
This will allow you to see the terrific collection of Indian artifacts and Victorian objects from the founding communities.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Poetic Balance Act: Art + Biz
exemplifies what merging business & the arts is all about.
The decision to define themselves as an
artistic entertainment company was brilliant.

With 21 shows ongoing globally, 16 in the United States, I think it is today's quest for aesthetics that leads the sales 
drive. The list of show titles currently touring the USA are
Amaluna, Believe, Dralion, Ka, Kooza, Nouba, Love, Iris, Immortal, Mystere, O, Quidam, Totem, Elvis, Zarkana, and Zumanity.

I researched some of the who and the how and discovered that the steel backbone of their ongoing success is the promise and strength of their corporate sponsors.
The list includes the following: Infiniti (high performance luxury cars), CGI (common gateway interface, web server software), Xerox (digital document management), SAP (business software company), MAC (media access control), and SPG (simon property management). Http://

As a potential job seeker, I looked at their employment page and found an excellent outlay of information regarding their needs and functionality. The navigation tabs began with Accounting, then Financial Analysis, Financial Systems, Internal Audit, Payroll, Taxation, Tour Accounting, and then last alphabetically came Treasury, Risk, and Capital Projects. 
Their taxation team is divided into two groups of specialists: personal taxation experts that support 4000 employees and performers. Corporate taxation specialists provide knowledge regarding the company's compliance with the various government entities they share while touring.
Since I am studying risk, on both a personal and academic level, the faction that oversees FX exposure, interest rates, and capital structure also manages the retirement funds, corporate insurance portfolios, and combines their stated issues with the respective financial institutions.
To close, this company is a prime example of that there is money in the arts. Seeking an appropriate audience, and embracing new tools for selling are part of the required mix.

I love the healthy combination of a steel spine and fire in the belly performers. This passion for the love of life, dangling off a trapeze, is exciting for the audience and is a poetic statement about the financial wranglings, and risk taking by the artistic vision.
There is an old-fashioned notion in traditional marriages where the corporate guy goes out and earns the money, while the lady makes plans for the opera. Begrudgingly, our corporate hero follows along, only to find soaring symphonic sounds, lovely girls in short, 
colorful tutus, and another version of himself, the operatic hero facing multiple angst of every description, only to win in the end. Is this story-telling a good balance, are there words to eulogize the arts? Possibly. This query can be found outlined in "the philosophy of beauty". 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

"Dance Is Who I am"

      The talent of Clover Mathis was spotted by Alvin Ailey in a dance class at Spelman College in Atlanta in 1967. He spent the next 2 & 1/2 years with the Dance Theater of Harlem, then toured with the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater (AAADT) beginning in 1971. Here is my interview.
Clover Mathis, Dancer & Choreograher

MOLLOY: How long did you tour with Alvin Ailey's company?

MATHIS: I toured with AAADT in Eastern and Western Europe, the United States and Canada for about 3 years.

MOLLOY: Whom do you admire?

MATHIS: I love the quote by Duke Ellington that goes "Each man prays to God in his own language and there is no language God does not understand".  I agree with him whole-heartedly. However, the noun God does not reflect my awareness of the Source. As a Spirit Warrior and wanna-be Taoist, I would say there is no language  the Great Spirit does not understand.

MOLLOY: Can you say that the world of the arts, dance in particular, has satisfied your hunger for a spiritual connection?

MATHIS:  Dance is not what I do. Dance is who I am. For a long time I was estranged from the culture of dance. I did not like the direction concert dance has taken. I neither took class nor attended any performances. This has changed for me however.  I primarily listened to what my body was saying...I realized I wanted to dance again.

MOLLOY: Are you available for choreographic commissions or private lessons? If I google your name there are three pages of references. Now that you have begun to write your memoirs, we can look forward to reading those?

MATHIS: I keep to myself. I did engage in a performance series recently in the Mission District in San Francisco. The location was the Dance Mission, and the group was Labayen  Dancers. (See photo below) If I was comfortable with the dance company leadership, I would consider working again in my field.

MOLLOY: You also speak of listening to James Brown.

MATHIS: As a  younger man, I was aware of the stigma about male dancers, but when I listened to Brown I recall the lyric about "You've got to live for yourself, yourself and nobody else". Rudolf Nureyev had defected to the West in 1961, and he had a virile, graceful style of dancing that had changed the general perception of male dancers. I was affected by his professional prestige.

MOLLOY: I went to Portland, Oregon with my mother to watch Rudolf Nureyev and Dame Margot Fonteyn perform "Swan Lake" in 1960. The audience went nuts. I still have the program, it was from one of the final tours of The Royal Ballet from London. The whole country was open to new art and artists. It was an exciting time.

Peggy Molloy and Clover Mathis first worked together as dancers in the Danny Sloane Modern Dance Company in Boston, MA.
Clover Mathis can be reached through his talent managing agent with Http://

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I have an intellectual argument with allowing the Visual & Performing Arts being placed within the umbrella of Entertainment, however, since film, music, and the dramatic arts crossover into painting, sculpture, symphony orchestra concerts, and ballet,...I agree to use the term Entertainment loosely. The arts encompass social and cultural information that cannot be ascertained except through individual perception and interpretation. My preference towards training is in the classical arts, and I have an interest in managing classical artists. A favorite site is Http://

One of the finest resources regarding the Visual Arts is from Princeton University. Their online site provides us with lesson information, extensive resources for National and International Art Associations, a resource of art sites, cartoons,  and news. There is also a link to JOBS with the following designations: Advertising Art, Animation & Cartooning, Desktop Publishing, Video Game Designer, Graphic Designer, Fashion Design, Web Design, and Career Advice.

You can also find color symbolism charts, and books that give us fascinating insights into the history of color, along with many other resources for scholarly pursuit of the visual art worlds.

This leads me to my next topic which is relevant to the Performing
Arts on tour. It is one thing to create and build a set for a stationary stage, and understand that its purpose is to be a destination.

It is quite another thing to take a set, props, musical instruments, cast and crews on international tours.

There is a company based out of London, but maintains offices throughout the world that specializes in AIR-LAND-SEA situations called Rock It Cargo. It began as a rock and roll tour company but currently offers excellent services to theatre, circus, orchestra, tradeshow, film, commercial, live events, fine arts, music touring, and industrial project types.

I was interested in researching risk management needs and solutions, so I checked out their page on
"Rock-It Cargo USA LLC Terms and Conditions of Service". By following the outline of items a person can gauge the decision-making required when one goes on tour.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Pegalomania Productions

New challenges have presented themselves. First of all, there is a travel site that wants to promote my new found arts tours feature. I am accepting feedback regarding where folks would like to travel to, and what visual and/or performing arts they would like to watch.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Terrance L. Beals Productions
For information regarding Radio & Television broadcasting and cable resources in Hawaii, you can go to

One of my friends working today in the television industry lives in Hawaii. 

Terrance Beals is currently working in Honolulu, and in addition to being a creative entity himself, he has a strong interest in Securities. He is also a writer/producer for television shows.

MOLLOY:  What genre is most of your work being produced on television at this time?

BEALS:  TV sitcoms and dramas.

MOLLOY:  Can you help me out with the demographic that you are writing for?

BEALS:  I aim for the age group of 18-49 year olds.

MOLLOY:  So, as an independent producer what is the name of your company?

BEALS:  Terrance L. Beals Productions.

MOLLOY: OK. So you are the instigator or the work for your own company?

BEALS:  I develop, write, produce and sell TV shows to studios, distributors, and other production companies. I create TV pilots, trailers and promos for the shows that I create.

MOLLOY: Once that is done, what is the next step?

BEALS:   The next step involves presenting the trailers and shows to distributors, the the distributors to buy the show.  Companies that buy the shows will be involved in financing and licensing future episodes.

MOLLOY:  Are you embracing digital technology and why?

BEALS:  Digital technology allows producers to be more flexible  and work more efficiently. I was able to effectively and efficiently manage costs, because of my production experience, and the fact that my business owns the production equipment.

MOLLOY:  I seem to recall that you had mentioned that you originally were interested in producing music?

BEALS: Yes, that is where my interest in production began.

For a more general view of demographics and how they are used to analyze audience types, there is plenty of research and surveys that are being done by Ad Age & Mindset Media.

Apparently according to research, if you like THE OFFICE, you have feelings of superiority, if you like MAD MEN, statistics tell us you are creative and socially liberal, if you like FAMILY GUY,  then the likelihood that you hate authority is very high, and if you enjoy  DANCING WITH THE STARS, then you are most likely a traditionalist.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


     My newest career as an Artist Manager & Promoter has begun. 

     Our country's economy is based upon old-fashioned recipes for success. I believe there is room for advancement but connecting with "Creators" and artists of our day. There is a wealth of sophisticated, dedicated arts industries being created on a national scale, most of which is done privately, behind the closed doors of the studio. It is  my goal to participate in showcasing what America does best...Innovate...Create...Market. I want to be the Ed Sullivan of the arts!

     To me, marketing art on the Internet is the elephant in the room. We have a glut in the market of Visual & Performing Artists, and the global buyers who are hungry for USA culture.
Look at the sales of music and films for an example of the buying power of the global public.
Traditionally, our society overlooks and underpays its artists, this needs to be re-framed.

     I do not propose any political agenda, so many art people are apolitical anyway, except by creating any active, big-quality  marketplace, based upon a trusted community of buyers & sellers. I have always enjoyed being in the middle of everything, so I now wish to pursue my new role as the go-between for this new, uncharted global and fascinating adventure.

     In my recent Business Story-telling class, we were asked to flesh out our thoughts in a video format. I have reworked the video so that only the written word shows, without my narration. I replaced the narration with Mozart's Requiem Mass to give the show some gravity.
New video about branding myself...

     The actual blog that I set up for the exact purpose of marketing has had 526 hits in 4 weeks.
I have been contacted by, or communicated with 4 very talented artists, and send out a weekly heads up to my "art person" list. It is my hope to extend my services to tours of the area from afar, and private showings inside the artist's workshops to help close the deal. This gives both the artist and the client time to feel unique, and personalizes the shopping experience, a plus combined with another plus. I love hostessing and creating special events.

     This video is from a collage of illustrations, melodies and poetry... This vocal work is me, myself, & I.
I put on my business hat and had this video monetized by Google, so we will see what happens with this ongoing rather grand experiment.

     I feel confident to take the reigns because of my personal background working as a performer, composer, director, educator, designer, illustrator, and writer. I have always maintained healthy business relationships, with life-long learning practices, entrepreneurial projects, and retail sales experience.

     I know myself, and for better or worse I can tell you I am not a perfectionist, I am a generalist. I comprehend and respond to the "big picture" listening to news from multiple sources to keep up to date, watching visual trends in movies, magazines, and images on the Internet, and constantly analyzing according to my own social values and aesthetics.

This is the original poster from 1979
Please visit my latest venture:Http://

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Historic Theater Saved by Community That Cares

"Let me start by saying that I love the Eureka Theater. I went there as a kid and always had a good time. I went there on dates in high school. I've always loved Art Deco and Streamline Moderne styles"...Wendy Petty, Board President

The Eureka Concert & Film Center is a private non-profit (c)3 corporation. All donations are tax deductible and go toward the ongoing restoration of this grand historic 1939 movie theater.

 The Eureka Concert & Film Center is completely staffed by local volunteers dedicated to restoring the Eureka Theater as part of our local heritage for use as a film, concert and performing arts center.

We now offer a website for anyone interested.
 Http:// Telephone: (707) 442-2970

My interview went as follows:

MOLLOY:  When did you become interested in Art Deco design?

PETTY:  Since the age of 14, I have loved the movies from the 20's, 30's, and 40's. A particular favorite of mine is "The Thin Man".

MOLLOY: What sorts of tasks does your involvement with this renovation project do you tend to?

From photo gallery on website
PETTY:  I co-ordinate the contractors, legal situations, long and short term goals, interior and exterior restoration planning, heating, painting, carpet patching, and finding 5 matching vintage sinks for the ladies bathroom.

MOLLOY: This is done from your shop "Annex '39"?

PETTY: I moved my shop from Old Town in Eureka to this location so I can be next to the theater and be available for mail, packages, meetings,...whatever the theater needs. The shop features Art Deco, Arts & Crafts, & Mid-Century quality antiques and collectibles.

MOLLOY: You said you were an amateur "mixologist"?

From photo gallery on website
PETTY: Yes, my bar mixing skills come in handy whenever we are hosting a fund-raising event. The theater has its own bar and dance floor. I like to create specialty drinks for particular occasions.

MOLLOY:  How did your organization come into being?

PETTY:  A local community member purchased the building about 1999-2000. In 2009 it became a designated historical monument featuring Film, Music, and Live Theatre. This designation qualified us for special funding and tax privileges.

MOLLOY: Why should this theater be saved?

PETTY:  My answer is that the theater matters. It matters to the history of our town and our community. It is important to have places for children and young musicians to develop their talents.
It is important to offer an inexpensive venue for local plays, choirs and dance troupes.  It is important to breathe life into our community. And, we all benefit from its restoration.

MOLLOY:  Great, thank you!

For more information about how to preserve a theater in your area, you might consider going to this site. Http://   (League of Historic American Theatres)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

     From the TED chronicles (Technology, Entertainment & Design) featured on, there is a video of particular interest to me as an unforeseen composer.
     Conductor Charles Hazelwood discusses and amptly demonstrates the utilization of trained musicians working as an ensemble with like minds creating one force of musical content. He opened a discussion about different cultures accepting improvisation as composing and use of melodic threads as building blocks. He used South African musicians as not reading music, but trusting their ears. He also discussed music as therapy and reached out to what he referred to as "para-orchestras" or orchestras for those people with disabilities.
     I googled "musicians who do not read music". I was led to 1),
 2) and 3) None of these actually addressed my situation and although the list of mythical alternative artists turned up in rock-lore, I remain discontented.
Here is my retrieved list, which is only the beginning of the phenomena of accounting this talent base:
The Beatles, Aretha Franklin, B.B. King, Chaka Khan, Jimi Hendrix, James Brown, Lionel Richie, Prince, Michael Jackson, Yanni, Buddy Rich, Jimmy Page. Then the list can branch out to include such talents as Dave Brubeck who put serious improv on the map.
     Please check out: Http://
and you will discover an approach to analyzing musical composition from a spiritual perspective.
     Michael Jackson may not have been able to read or write music through a traditional notation method, but he was able to reinvent rock & pop music and devise new dance forms seen only in previous generations when Fred Astaire combined ballroom and tap dance.
     I cannot read or write music but I can go into a sound studio and record songs that I have memorized.
By writing down the lyrics, I have also notated the melody or vice-versa. They appear from the air, and I receive the songs, melody and verse as an implant of information. I can learn to sing in choirs or for backup talent auditory, and can follow the time structures as tempi. I can choreograph according to a score because I create the movement dictated by the beat structure.
     My experience has led me to seek other "composers" who experience this same unmethod, but I only hear about them on a late night interview program when I am too sleepy to write down their name. I will continue my inquiry, but really I think it is more important to JUST DO IT, than worry about the acceptance or rejection of the "how" that comes from traditional western cultural music, including that it is dominated by men.
     I respect Charles Hazelwood for his intuitive sense about musical ability.

Friday, March 30, 2012


  I began recording my songs in the 70's at studios here and there. I collected three songs and a poem and added visuals, meaning illustrations and photos, and put my video on Youtube. The address is Http:// The same video airs on our local access television station Access Humboldt. In addition, I have produced videos on Dance Classes and Serious Music in Humboldt.
     In 2004, I copyrighted my original stage play with original music with the U.S. Library of Congress. Their link is Http:// It is always fun to explore such sites as they are a wealth of ideas. The categories to choose from are: Architecture & Design, Cartoons & Comics, Folk Art, Movies & Television, Music, Photographs, Prints & Posters, Poetry & Literature, Theater & Dance. After careful consideration I made my particular choices. A person can download forms, fill them out, pay a nominal fee, and thereby copyright one's materials. I did this to create a legal paper trail of my work that unfortunately, while I hope people enjoy what I have written, it can be easily pirated.
     A few weeks later, magically, I received a letter from "Hilltop Records" in Hollywood. I have since learned that they are one of several companies that track creatives such as myself. They requested materials, and I sent them cassettes. From there, I had two songs produced in their studios, at my expense, and they guaranteed airplay. Once the airplay had occurred, and confirmed, I was then eligible to join the prestigious American Society of Composers and Producers from New York City. Http:// I have had two songs produced and are available by purchasing the CD/albums. Http://
     I now receive the daily ASCAP DAILY BRIEF IN email newsletter format. The focus is Music, Copyright, and New Technology in the News from a Creator's Perspective. The DAILY BRIEF can be accessed on the Headlines page of and/or in the ASCAP_RSS_FEED.
     Today's topics (March 28, 2012) are Investing in US Telecoms, Piracy Liability, A Little Less Spin on Filesharing, New Zealand Court Rules MegaUpload Assets Seizure Null and Void, a story about Harvard's Crimson Newspaper article "A Sensible Compromise: The MPAA's recent approach to illegal downloading is refreshing", NPR SVP of Marketing: "Public Radio Is Actually Expanding", Radio's Growing Online Revenue at a Double Digit Pace, Twitter Releases official Guide for Musicians, and Digital Music Created the Resurgence in Vinyl, and many more.
     Member services offer Title Registration, Career Development, ASCAP Estate and Trust Planning for Music Copyright Owners, Social Networking, Equipment and Studio Guides, Health Insurance plans and various workshops featuring awards and recognition of talent.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Cassandra Hesseltine was recently appointed to her position as the Humboldt/ Del Norte county Film Commissioner. I recently interviewed her about her career. We are located where California bumps into Oregon, with pristine mountains, Redwood forests, solitary beaches, moody fog and loads of talented artists.

MOLLOY: What exactly are the duties of a Film Commissioner?

HESSELTINE:  It is my responsibility to connect visiting film production houses with our local caterers, hotels, crews, required permits, supporting cast, and locations.

MOLLOY: And if there are money troubles?

HESSELTINE: I'm sorry, we cannot help with financials.

MOLLOY: Is the bulk of your work in feature films or commercials?

HESSELTINE: Right now we have two feature films interested in working here, with about two or three commercials every three weeks or so during the spring and summer.

MOLLOY: This interview is for an assignment with Full Sail University, do you have any advice for students who are considering being part of the film industry?

HESSELTINE: I would say to remain open to all jobs in the industry. For example, I had various jobs including actor, crew, assistant director, casting, and producing. Just be ready for anything.

MOLLOY: What is your academic background, and did it prepare you for your current position?

HESSELTINE: I graduated from Humboldt State University with a Psychology Major and Computer and Theatre Minors. After I graduated, I went to work in the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas within my field. This was very helpful because I was then able to anticipate what would be required of me as Film Commissioner here.

MOLLOY: What do you like the most about your job?

HESSELTINE: The best part of my job is to be able to find creative solutions for an industry that I love but also be able to raise a family and be a good mom here in beautiful Humboldt County.

Contact: Humboldt Film Commission (707)825-7600; email: Http://

For more information regarding film production work in your state you may contact The American  Motion Picture and Television Industry website, Http:// The industry is a major private sector employer, supporting 2.2 million jobs, and nearly $137 billion in total wages in 2009.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Conundrum developing

While I have been busy discussing my new classwork with Full Sail University, I have had several business owners approach me about setting up blogs for them.
I am flattered but need to share my concerns about how to price setting up the blogs, then thereafter charge a monthly fee to babysit the correspondence...Does this make sense?
If I use photograph of their artwork on my blog should I charge a small fee? I thought $20. was reasonable and it would include a note of positivity.
May I have your thoughts dear reader?

Friday, February 17, 2012

The above illustration was done for an ink imaging class that I took with The Art Institute of Pittsburgh.
Hello Dear Readers!

I have an excellent response to a recent ad for artist promotions.  If an artist sends me a mere $20.00 fee, then I can place them on this blog and give a positive statement. I also offer setting up a Paypal account just in case it is needed for future sales transactions.

The Asian Art Museum located in San Francisco is exhibiting a terrific display of ancient armor worn by their warriors. In addition there are artworks reflecting the emotions of lovers as a tribute to Saint Valentine's Day. I stress the word "Saint' because he lost his life by standing up for the idea of love.
He was a priest and martyr who suffered in Rome about the year 270. This museum maintains a blog that is very active.


The arts are a high value commodity because they show us to ourselves, that which is important in life. 
From the great ballet "Romeo and Juliet" to the many artworks dedicated to romantic love, the visual and performing arts bespeak the passion delivered between lovers.

All cultures throughout time have made a claim for telling tales of love. It is my hope that this blog,,  will stimulate serious thought about our culture, society, our own artwork, our messages to others as our sphere of influence becomes greater. The idea of the ripple on the water where a stone has been tossed is the best analogy for my meaning.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

I wanted to tell you that I have a friend whom is a wonderful photographer, one of his pics is taken in India of Mother Teresa giving the nuns the Eucharist. It is available on his website:
Check it out!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Added professional links as an upgrade!

Welcome to the new, focused blog MeeMeeTheArts!

I began drawing cartoon illustrations for MeeMee in 2008 while attending The Art Institute of Pittsburgh.
I am the world's greatest fan of the Visual & Performing Arts and treasure the unique expression the arts provide by each person, young or old. I have traveled from the ballet studios of California into the over-whelming dance communities held within New York City. Bravo to the beautiful dancers!

Although I love dancing in all its myriad of forms, music is my wind, my voice is my trumpet, my songs are my truth. I have sung First Soprano in many choirs both large and small, and have produced some of my original music in studio using several levels of harmony,, myself, and I.

While fiddling around with Adobe Illustrator I did some "forms" I would like to share with you. (above)

I hope you enjoy your visit and please consider giving me the honor of representing you to the public, should the reader be a celebrity, fine artist, writer, or otherwise creative talent that needs some nurturing and press releases. Events created for you is a specialty of mine. The more theatrical the better!

My website is: Http:// Once on my website you will witness my projects.
Just click onto the MeeMeeTheArts tab in the navigation bar on the right hand side, and there is a questionnaire you may fill out.

Thank you, and "May The Muses Be With You!".