Monday, July 1, 2013

Interview With Conductor Rihards Buks

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 Interview by Peggy Molloy with
 Conductor Rihards Buks of England.

MOLLOY has the good fortune of chatting via email with Conductor RIHARDS BUKS Http://

MOLLOY:  Is it difficult for you to balance your expertise in Social Media & Marketing with your musical career?

BUKS:  For me it is the same as a work and life balance! I keep Classical Music close to my heart and never thought about it as a JOB or WORK. It is the most precious thing in my life and it will stay like this forever! I'm trying my best to differentiate my conducting from the music production 'factory' feeling and every activity from my side regarding conducting and classical music I keep closely personal and unique. I love Classical Music, always did and always will and it is an essential part of my being. Marketing and Technical web related stuff is where I am polishing my expertise regarding human psychology and habits. It is closely related to business and I see this as being very logical and naturally good; Work = Business, Soul = Music.

MOLLOY:  How old were you when you began your musical training?

BUKS:  I was 8 years old.

MOLLOY:  At this point, what is it that you are most proud of within your profession?

BUKS:  I'm most proud of the fact that I had a chance to meet really great teachers and personalities.
I had a chance to learn a lot and I had a chance to be around the world quite often. Here is a small list of my teachers for you:
     Prof. L. Segerstram (Finland), Prof. Ravil Martinov (St. Petersburg), Jooyong Ahn )USA),
     J.Domarkas (Lithuania), A. Kukushkin (St. Petersburg), Giorgi Jordania (USA), D. Hendel 
     (Bolivia), A. Alekseev (St. Petersburg), J. Shteinberg (USA), J. Suckov (Moscow), Maestro
     Kurt Masur (Poland), Colin Metters (Great Britain), Enhbatar Batarzav (Mongolia), E.F. Brown
     (USA), I. Resnis (Latvia), and Prof. A. Titov (St. Petersburg).

MOLLOY:  Have you lived in London all of your life?

RUKS:  No, I haven't. I'm here only for the last 4 years of my life and now I'm relocating to Malta.

MOLLOY: What is your favorite musical composition?

RUKS:  I don't have just one because because each composer has a period of his life that has something unique and individual that is very close to me. I differentiate composers by their period of the creations and not by composition. Only one thing I can tell you for sure - J.S. Bach for me is the Father of Classical Music as I see it and every human being should have to listen to his wonders at least once per week! I believe the world would become much better if that could happen. One of my favorite composers at the moment is J. Brahms and his symphonic repertoire. Of course there is the whole scope of Russian masters and Austrian geniuses which are part of my education and frankly, I don't have the possibility not to love them.