Thursday, May 8, 2014

Brett Deubner: Concerto Soloist & Educator

Brett Deubner has recorded 14 CDs including the concertos of
Trent Johnson, Frank Lewin, & Andrew Rudin, as well as made numerous chamber music recordings for string quartet, harp trio, clarinet/viola/piano trio, viola/guitar duo & 5 viola/piano cds on the Naxos, Albany, Centaur & Innova labels.

Interview with Brett Deubner & Peggy Molloy dated May 8, 2014...

MOLLOY:  Where are you currently located?

DEUBNER:  I live in Glen Ridge, New Jersey, 10 miles from New York City.

MOLLOY:  When did you begin your training?

DEUBNER:  I started playing the violin at the age of 9 years old in the 4th grade. I was the product of the public schools, then started private study shortly thereafter.

MOLLOY:  What are your thoughts about becoming successful in the current music industry environment?

DEUBNER:  I think the music industry has always been competitive. You have to be relentless in attaining your dreams.  Performing music has always been rewarding.  As a soloist who gets to travel the world performing for audiences of different languages & customs, I am always amazed at how similar everyone really is.  We  have the same concerns as parents, as citizens of the world, & everyone loves & needs music!  Perhaps the musical landscape shifts or the economy falters, but we will always sing our children to sleep or clap our hands.  Never has it been more important to musicians to have other skills: to develop one's own website, to create interesting musical programs, & to better learn how to engage with the public.   

MOLLOY:  Do you compose?

DEUBNER:   I don't compose. I have written a few cadenzas to some concerti & classical era sonatas & I have worked extensively with composers on their works they have written for me, to help them more effectively & sometimes efficiently, get their message across on the viola. My main role is to be the messenger of the composer, whether is is a Bach gamba sonata or a sonata written for me that I am premiering.

MOLLOY:  What are your short term goals?

DEUBNER:  As a performer, I am constantly striving to put together as fulfilling & varied a season as possible.  This can be very challenging as I am my own manager. I am usually booking engagements two seasons ahead. The repertoire is always a combination of new works, world premieres, & standards.

MOLLOY: Your thoughts about long term goals?

DEUBNER:  Its important to realize that goals as just that: goals. If you actually reach them, then you set them too low.  That's the great thing about what we do as artists, there is no end to the musical process. This is a wonderful thing because as we mature as people, so does our music making.

In closing, Deubner will offer a one-wek seminar in Viola in Provence, France.  Equally at home with young students, Deubner enjoys working with students of all ages.  Deubner is on the faculty of the Round Top International Festival in Texas as well as being the Artistic Director & founder of the Glen Ridge based concert series "Music and More" serving the NYC metropolitan area.