Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Conundrum developing

While I have been busy discussing my new classwork with Full Sail University, I have had several business owners approach me about setting up blogs for them.
I am flattered but need to share my concerns about how to price setting up the blogs, then thereafter charge a monthly fee to babysit the correspondence...Does this make sense?
If I use photograph of their artwork on my blog should I charge a small fee? I thought $20. was reasonable and it would include a note of positivity.
May I have your thoughts dear reader?

Friday, February 17, 2012

The above illustration was done for an ink imaging class that I took with The Art Institute of Pittsburgh.
Hello Dear Readers!

I have an excellent response to a recent ad for artist promotions.  If an artist sends me a mere $20.00 fee, then I can place them on this blog and give a positive statement. I also offer setting up a Paypal account just in case it is needed for future sales transactions.

The Asian Art Museum located in San Francisco is exhibiting a terrific display of ancient armor worn by their warriors. In addition there are artworks reflecting the emotions of lovers as a tribute to Saint Valentine's Day. I stress the word "Saint' because he lost his life by standing up for the idea of love.
He was a priest and martyr who suffered in Rome about the year 270. This museum maintains a blog that is very active.


The arts are a high value commodity because they show us to ourselves, that which is important in life. 
From the great ballet "Romeo and Juliet" to the many artworks dedicated to romantic love, the visual and performing arts bespeak the passion delivered between lovers.

All cultures throughout time have made a claim for telling tales of love. It is my hope that this blog,,  will stimulate serious thought about our culture, society, our own artwork, our messages to others as our sphere of influence becomes greater. The idea of the ripple on the water where a stone has been tossed is the best analogy for my meaning.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

I wanted to tell you that I have a friend whom is a wonderful photographer, one of his pics is taken in India of Mother Teresa giving the nuns the Eucharist. It is available on his website:
Check it out!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Added professional links as an upgrade!

Welcome to the new, focused blog MeeMeeTheArts!

I began drawing cartoon illustrations for MeeMee in 2008 while attending The Art Institute of Pittsburgh.
I am the world's greatest fan of the Visual & Performing Arts and treasure the unique expression the arts provide by each person, young or old. I have traveled from the ballet studios of California into the over-whelming dance communities held within New York City. Bravo to the beautiful dancers!

Although I love dancing in all its myriad of forms, music is my wind, my voice is my trumpet, my songs are my truth. I have sung First Soprano in many choirs both large and small, and have produced some of my original music in studio using several levels of harmony,, myself, and I.

While fiddling around with Adobe Illustrator I did some "forms" I would like to share with you. (above)

I hope you enjoy your visit and please consider giving me the honor of representing you to the public, should the reader be a celebrity, fine artist, writer, or otherwise creative talent that needs some nurturing and press releases. Events created for you is a specialty of mine. The more theatrical the better!

My website is: Http:// Once on my website you will witness my projects.
Just click onto the MeeMeeTheArts tab in the navigation bar on the right hand side, and there is a questionnaire you may fill out.

Thank you, and "May The Muses Be With You!".