Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Weaving Giving Communities With Art Venues

There are many resources for 
Businesses & The Arts
I want to suggest an equally important method of collusion by setting the stage for Fund-Raising in an Arts Venue.

Swedish National Museum Stockholm, Projected Grafetti

Giving requires imagination, purpose in life & the ability to function at a level that goes beyond our own immediate needs.
Metropolitan Museum NYC Chinagate/Cariter Exhibits
What better place that a location that already features the human imagination, creative beauty & the need to communicate with others?

The Sewell Gallery is offering its space for the Salvation Army to feature its upcoming Red Kettle Fund Raising Event in Eureka, CA. There will be a portrait artist to accept commissions, part of those final payments to be donated, a Guest Speaker to welcome the guests & give a brief history of the Salvation Army, & an auction for a piece of art that had been donated for the purposes of Public Relations. This is an excellent opportunity to make comfortable some members of the public who may not otherwise visit an art gallery, & give exposure to the local artists currently showing their work.