Thursday, August 16, 2012

Poetic Balance Act: Art + Biz
exemplifies what merging business & the arts is all about.
The decision to define themselves as an
artistic entertainment company was brilliant.

With 21 shows ongoing globally, 16 in the United States, I think it is today's quest for aesthetics that leads the sales 
drive. The list of show titles currently touring the USA are
Amaluna, Believe, Dralion, Ka, Kooza, Nouba, Love, Iris, Immortal, Mystere, O, Quidam, Totem, Elvis, Zarkana, and Zumanity.

I researched some of the who and the how and discovered that the steel backbone of their ongoing success is the promise and strength of their corporate sponsors.
The list includes the following: Infiniti (high performance luxury cars), CGI (common gateway interface, web server software), Xerox (digital document management), SAP (business software company), MAC (media access control), and SPG (simon property management). Http://

As a potential job seeker, I looked at their employment page and found an excellent outlay of information regarding their needs and functionality. The navigation tabs began with Accounting, then Financial Analysis, Financial Systems, Internal Audit, Payroll, Taxation, Tour Accounting, and then last alphabetically came Treasury, Risk, and Capital Projects. 
Their taxation team is divided into two groups of specialists: personal taxation experts that support 4000 employees and performers. Corporate taxation specialists provide knowledge regarding the company's compliance with the various government entities they share while touring.
Since I am studying risk, on both a personal and academic level, the faction that oversees FX exposure, interest rates, and capital structure also manages the retirement funds, corporate insurance portfolios, and combines their stated issues with the respective financial institutions.
To close, this company is a prime example of that there is money in the arts. Seeking an appropriate audience, and embracing new tools for selling are part of the required mix.

I love the healthy combination of a steel spine and fire in the belly performers. This passion for the love of life, dangling off a trapeze, is exciting for the audience and is a poetic statement about the financial wranglings, and risk taking by the artistic vision.
There is an old-fashioned notion in traditional marriages where the corporate guy goes out and earns the money, while the lady makes plans for the opera. Begrudgingly, our corporate hero follows along, only to find soaring symphonic sounds, lovely girls in short, 
colorful tutus, and another version of himself, the operatic hero facing multiple angst of every description, only to win in the end. Is this story-telling a good balance, are there words to eulogize the arts? Possibly. This query can be found outlined in "the philosophy of beauty".