Sunday, February 21, 2016

JON VOIGHT IS A PRINCE claims co-actor on new TV movie Dave Gatzke

Dave Gatzke recently worked on a film with Jon Voight in Kentucky for Hallmark Family TV.
The truth be told, I went to Arcata Union High School with Dave, & we actually went to the same movie house in the 50's.
He has high praises for the film's star, Jon Voight.
Always involved in choirs, drama productions & talent nights, little did he know his talent would be called upon in Kentucky.
autographed script for Dave Gatzke

MOLLOY: Your first exposure to film was in Arcata, CA at the Saturday matinees?

GATZKE:  I remember going with my folks to see "Snow White" and/or "Bambi".

MOLLOY: I  know you like the early Disney characters including Donald Duck. I would go to the matinee at the same theater with my older sister & her friends. You sometimes post vintage cartoon runs on your facebook.

GATZKE: Yeh, I love those guys.

MOLLOY: As a young adult to moved to Europe. Can you tell me about that?

GATZKE: I joined the Army & was stationed in Germany.  I loved being so close to Switzerland so I could go skiing, or so close to France that I could take off & go out to dinner.

MOLLOY: Who is your favorite actor working today?

GATZKE: By far, that would be Jon Voight.

MOLLOY:  Who would you say is your favorite all time actor?

GATZKE: That would have to be Humphrey Bogart.

MOLLOY: Do you think your military experience changed your outlook about films?

GATZKE: The military structures your life. Whenever I would watch movies the actors seemed to be authentic, or "off-duty". I loved that.
Dave Gatzke (Left) Jon Voight (Right)

MOLLOY: Why do you love Kentucky?

GATZKE:  Kentucky is a great place to live. We are centrally located here, with easy access to trails for horse-back riding, lakes for fishing, it's just great.

MOLLOY: It was your horse-back riding environment that led you to being cast in the film?

GATZKE: My friend's farm was being used as the set for the movie. The Director, named Charlie, telephoned to explain they wanted a conversation with "Hippie Dave". Jon Voight explained they needed a couple of characters like me to be in the film. Once at the set, we were told to say anything you want to....(this is while the Director is taking notes), now their words have become part of the script.

MOLLOY: Would you like to pursue a professional acting career?

Dave Gatzke
GATZKE: It was a pleasure.

MOLLOY: Final comments?

GATZKE: There were other big stars, Melanie Griffith & James Caan, but Jon Voight stood out to me. Jon & Charlie made my movie experience the best I ever had. Jon Voight is a prince.

MOLLOY: When is the movie due to be out? And the title please?

GATZKE: The film will be titled "JL Ranch". It is expected to air in July 2016.

MOLLOY: Thank you Dave, great to talk to you again after all these years. 

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

World Traveler Offers Insights on Art, Orphans, Trust...

Photo: Haj Sophia, Istanbul TURKEY 2008, Stan & Cindy 

MOLLOY:  I remember when we were teenagers together in dance class, you had told me that you wanted to pray for peace in churches all over the world. How close have you come to that girlhood dream?

SAVAGE-HINO: I am not counting, but I do maintain & update a journal with our trips. It remains an important task for me as a person.

MOLLOY: What has surprised you the most about traveling to so many foreign countries?

SAVAGE-HINO: One surprise is to understand how much travel changes a person as you evolve with your experiences.

MOLLOY:  Can you tell me in a nutshell how you manage your trips for pleasure with your travel for Adoption Horizons?

SAVAGE-HINO:  Initially I was taking multiple trips to escort potential adoptive families into Vietnam & China, this was in the 90's. At this time I did have my assumptions destroyed about what  the criteria is for "good" & "bad" people. I began to understand how much alike people are.

MOLLOY:  Of your church experiences, is there one that stands out?

SAVAGE-HINO:  In the city of Abidjan on the Ivory Coast of Africa, we were escorted by the military police who took our cameras. We traveled to a Yamoussoukro Basillica which was absolutely huge & gilded inside with real gold. It was larger than St. Peter's Basilica with a large stained glass window featuring the President of the country. Ironically, the local poor hovered outside the gates.

MOLLOY:  Where have you witnessed the greatest ballet?

SAVAGE-HINO: When we were in St. Petersburg, RUSSIA, Stan thought I owed it to myself to see the classic "Swan Lake" at the Hermitage Theater. It being a classic was worth the experience. Russia maintains the great balletic history in their culture.

MOLLOY:  Theater?

SAVAGE-HINO:  An outdoor theater in Rome, ITALY with a performance of "Tosca".

MOLLOY: Rock Concert?

SAVAGE-HINO: Candlestick Park with my son, he managed to get some Paul McCartney tickets.
It was fabulous. Incidentally, when I was in a social situation in Vietnam, I was pressed to sing karaoke, so I chose a Beatle Song, it was a great hit, everyone in the audience knew it well.

MOLLOY:  Museum?

SAVAGE-HINO:  I have three that would be neck & neck, all gorgeous. The Musee d' Orsay, Paris, FRANCE, the Prado, Madrid, SPAIN, & the Gulbinkin, Lisbon, PORTUGAL. I want to mention also that there is an island called "Berlin Island" where they have seven major museums, all fabulous.
In Mexico City, there is the Museum of Anthropology featuring an Aztec calendar stone.


SAVAGE-HINO:  I have had the very best Indian food at an Indian restaurant in Paris.

MOLLOY:  Hotels, do you book within a chain?

SAVAGE-HINO:  We choose hotels by how close they are to our particular trip destination, near trains whenever possible, but mostly we want to experience the culture & society of the country we are in. We prefer unique quarters, heavy on cultural character.

MOLLOY:  Final thoughts?

SAVAGE-HINO:  Mostly I want to share that all cultures & people want to love & be loved all over the world. People want the best for their children.

MOLLOY:  Future travel plans coming up?

SAVAGE-HINO:  We have tentative plans to go to Cuba & spend Christmas in Israel with a former exchange student.

MOLLOY: Thank you, I am proud to be able to call you my friend.

SAVAGE-HINO:  Thanks, I am proud to be your friend as well.