Sunday, December 5, 2010

Here's the music

Great band!

Indah Bali Arts Alive in Eureka

The way things have turned out I am the new manager at Indah Bali in Eureka, CA. We had a terrific turnout for our December "Arts Alive" Event. Here are some pics....

Monday, November 15, 2010

Newell House

So I went to Portland for an extended weekend, and followed a trail to Champoeg where an ancestor had a museum site where his homestead had been. Robert Newell is my great, great, great grandfather so now let the digging begin. I also went to the Champoeg Cemetary and took pics of the gravestones. Newell House.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

reactivated my JANGO AIRPLAY membership

Jango Airplay is a very cool and affordable method of promoting one's own music. I have downloaded my song "Love People" produced by Hilltop Records, although I did my own bang-up job medley myself while living in San Francisco. I now have two songs available from Hilltop. If you want to check out my song, and then leave feedback, and then join my fan club, then go to, and search "Miss-Placed". That is the name of my play, so I wanted to give myself some continuity.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Illustrations added to website for sale

One of my many drawings that I have done pver the years reflects my muse in an illustration composed of multiple dancers entwined with stringed instruments. I am selling digital copies for $15.00, and will sign and number each one. It will be printed on heavy weight paper and could be an excellent gift for the arts buff on your holiday list.
Visit my website for mailing input. Thanks!

Peg's Legs Handknit Dancewear Knitting Patterns

Hello again fellow Knitters!

I am resurrecting my long time great selling knitting pattern book titled:

"Peg's Legs Handknit Dancewear", first published in the 70's. While I have made efforts to market this book in stores and in the backs of craft magazines, I have finally decided to create a powerpoint file and sell the patterns online. I am charging $6.00 for this service. I have put little jokes and wonderful drawings into my book which I wrote out by hand. I have decided to maintain the integrity of the original illustrations and penmanship skills so no, I won't be rewriting it or having it type-set. It is a great learning book for the beginning knitter and/or penmanship enthusiast!

Paperdoll book loaded onto website

Paperdoll book set up for Christmas Sales.

I decided the clever and cost-effective method of marketing my paperdoll book would be to offer a version that can be downloaded from a powerpoint file. I am charging $6.00, with a Sales Tax figure for the California State Tax Board. There are 33 illustrations for a child to color and cut.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Hello! I am fortunate to report that the publisher of my small song O HOLY BABE OF THE NIGHT has featured it on their website site: . They said it was because it was requested so much. If one goes to the site, please go to the left side Navigation Bar and click on GOSPEL, then from there you have several Christian Contemporary choices, and mine is at the botton right. I have many more songs to produce, and I am in the process of working through the materials, either sending them to Hilltop or getting them notated to be used in my play/musical Miss-Placed: The New York Years.
I have been working on a site for a Reptile Breeder which is fun with the promise that I never have to visit the actual home of the creatures. Pictures are quite adequate thanks. It is called, and we ordered the business cards last evening.
I am working on an article for The Arcata Eye based upon Women Pilots here in Bayside. See you soon!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Ink People & Small Business Center, Eureka

Hello! The Ink People and the local Eureka Small Business Development Center got together and sponsored a show for the participants in ARTISTS-IN-FLIGHT. This is exciting since I am one of them. I have three pieces in the show, 1) peg's conversion triptych 2) peg's paperdolls and 3) peg's storyboard Miss-Placed: The New york Years.

We had a great opening reception and all we pleased.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hilltop Records produced a song of mine

This is actually the second time that I have had a song produced by Hilltop Records in Hollywood. The previous one was titled LOVE PEOPLE and I put it onto my www.Pegalomania.Biz site. This CD is called The Hand Of God and is primarily religious in nature. I put my lyrics down on my website www.peggyprojects, under the Miss-Placed: The New York Years tab. Hilltop Records has a site for purchasing and the CD # is GDCD-102. Title of song O HOLY BABE OF THE NIGHT.

For those of us, who have had their egos rubbed down to a mere nub, such as myself, ...there is always Kareoke. I am singing a duet with Joe, the car guy this evening. He thought we should sing "Endless Love", so here goes nothing!

Monday, August 2, 2010

I have a new website for all my projects. I was getting tangled up in names, meanings, values, and domains, so I decided to KISS (keep it simple stupid)...I have my new site with, I wanted an Org because I wanted to give the appearance of being organized. I have several new clients including a reptile breeder, and a non-profit for the marsh, which is pending. I have been working on my storyboard for my play because it will be displayed at an upcoming show with The Ink People and the Small Business Development Center at the Adorni Center in Eureka. My upcoming article in The Arcata Eye is about the Bayside Garden Club.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Montana is fabulous!

What a great state we have that is called MONTANA! I loved the space, the cleanliness, the cowboys, the mining towns, the ghost towns, the food, the free ranging animals. Here's a picture of a forest that was burned down but is now on the mend with new white flowers.

Monday, June 14, 2010

postcard project Artists-In-Flight

I created this design for an assignment for a course that I took with The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. The recently I needed a design for a postcard project for the Artists-In-Flight program that I am working with this year offered by the Small Business Development Center in Eureka. See attached. Today I am visitng my friend named Doralee who designs cat furniture.

She told me her cats constitute her research and development department and I have liked her ever since.

Monday, May 31, 2010

New Feature in The Arcata Eye

This is great. I have been bugging the local editors with one story after another, then I finally decided to start my own newspaper, electric of course, of my many skills, delivering newspapers is not one of them...I mean I could really, just not a 4 a.m., well enough distractions...Once I had a non-speaking role in the film FLEA, then Kevin from The Arcata Eye asked my about my Bayside electric newspaper. I explained that no one had paid me for a $10. ad yet, and since I had given up suffering with my last husband, I never did it. Kevin expalined that he had an interest in community news to offset the barage of international and national news on the radio and larger newspapers. Would I be interested, OF COURSE! So now I have seen it in print, my daughter's big, fat cat, overfed by my dad, her grandfather,....and we have an email address for Oliver. Just in case you prefer a cat to email here is his address:
As this very interesting summer progresses, I applied for a job with the Eureka Symphony as their assistant/marketing person, we'll see....and I have a Gospel CD coming out from Hilltop Records in August, just one song is mine really,...I hope to be teaching dance to kids-at-risk at the church, and I am always re-writing my play. Blogging is good.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Trip with Jeanne Riecke and Pic of Bigfoot

My traveling companion, as often as not, is my friend Jeanne. We have loads of fun and travel with Mr. Wonderful, the doll. One of the photos that I think is awesome is shown. Then, wouldn't you know it, I met Bobo the Bigfoot Hunter, and did an interview with him for my column in the Arcata Eye. Finally! I can make good use of a perfectly good and funny photo.

Friday, May 14, 2010


Suza Lambert Bowser Productions has graced Arcata with an office, a cast,

meetings, costume calls, interviews, and large tables of very busy people on computers. In our sleepy town, it is terrific to witness the energy and creativity as the film "FLEA" is in the throes of being produced.

"FLEA" is a full length feature film that will be produced and filmed entirely in Humboldt County. The story-line revolves around a young boy who joins a clan in the Redwoods. He contends with a series of semi-magical characters who give him the tools and skills to find his way through life.

With a budget of $325,000. all of which will remain in Humboldt County, Suza is pursuing her goal of artist advocate and the development of local filmmaking. This production of "FLEA" will employ approximately 50 Humboldt County cast and crew members, the services of caterers, artists, restaurants, markets, banks, and local products.

The website is under construction and to create the search index we are asking interested parties to please key in You are encouraged to blog at this site. For information, please contact Noreen Dooley-707.822.0347 or Tally Wren-707.599.9190.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Flea shoot on hold temporarily

Although the movie "Flea" did have its costume call, the shoot is called off until June.
Kevin from The Arcata Eye called me about an update, so I forwarded information for him to do an article on Suza.

Monday, May 3, 2010

I have been cast in a film called "FLEA"

Hooray! A film production company is in town headed up by Suza Lambert Bowser. I auditioned, although I am pretty rusty, and got cast as a Hospital Patient. I am sure this is a complement. I think this is a perfect re-entry into the land of drama.
It is a fantasy story for children, and I have copied off the script as the actors are required to be
"Off Book" by May 9. The cameras are scheduled to roll on May 17.

I went in for my fitting at the Arcata Shopping Strip and there were the long row of costumes ready for the fittings. Because I will only be wearing a hospital gown, no measurements were needed. Oh Darn. I have been in denial about my weight gain, so I didn't want the wake-up call quite yet. I will begin teaching tap dance for the Eureka Parks and Recreation Department this summer, so hopefully, my weight will peel off like a pair of old sweatpants.
This is exciting. The time frame for the fittings was from 11-4 pm, so it is my hope that everyone made it and the directors/ production staff were not wasting their time.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


There is a annual program offered to artists in Humboldt County called "ARTISTS-IN-FLIGHT". A potential candidate presents their tax information and a project outline, business acumen, or lack thereof, ...and each is considered on a personal needs basis. It is federally funded. I have been attending the courses and so far, it has been a very positive experience.
In addition we are being encouraged to take advantage of the Small Business Development Center's regular menu of free workshops available to the Humboldt Community.
I have had personal coaching by the staff and I think they are wonderful. I find a distinct difference in the manner they conduct themselves and how many local small businesses conduct their businesses. I think SBDC is an excellent model.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sequined Bodysuit on Ebay

I put a fabulous piece of memorabilia on Ebay today.

It is from the 80's when Wearable Art was in.

I made several of these suits, now these days I would need to find a wrestler in need of a cape or something, someone who really has a deep need for attention...

I have also added two dolls, a Miss Revlon look alike, or so I was told, due to the markings and a Mattel Minnie Mouse.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Jango Airplay is wonderful!

Jango Airplay has given my music new life. I am busy getting out of the closet, literally which for me means dragging out all those old notebooks with poetry and melody lines that currently live in my mind only, and getting them out into the fresh air! I signed up for Jango Airplay and for only $10.00 I have gained three fans, one from Sweden.
Holy Cow! As we say in Idaho and also Humboldt County. I would strongly, effervescently suggest that anyone who is into self-promotion, get you act together and take it into cyberspace. Happy New Year everyone.