Monday, May 3, 2010

I have been cast in a film called "FLEA"

Hooray! A film production company is in town headed up by Suza Lambert Bowser. I auditioned, although I am pretty rusty, and got cast as a Hospital Patient. I am sure this is a complement. I think this is a perfect re-entry into the land of drama.
It is a fantasy story for children, and I have copied off the script as the actors are required to be
"Off Book" by May 9. The cameras are scheduled to roll on May 17.

I went in for my fitting at the Arcata Shopping Strip and there were the long row of costumes ready for the fittings. Because I will only be wearing a hospital gown, no measurements were needed. Oh Darn. I have been in denial about my weight gain, so I didn't want the wake-up call quite yet. I will begin teaching tap dance for the Eureka Parks and Recreation Department this summer, so hopefully, my weight will peel off like a pair of old sweatpants.
This is exciting. The time frame for the fittings was from 11-4 pm, so it is my hope that everyone made it and the directors/ production staff were not wasting their time.

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FS said...

Tell us more for a newspaper article. Humboldt Beacon.