Monday, May 31, 2010

New Feature in The Arcata Eye

This is great. I have been bugging the local editors with one story after another, then I finally decided to start my own newspaper, electric of course, of my many skills, delivering newspapers is not one of them...I mean I could really, just not a 4 a.m., well enough distractions...Once I had a non-speaking role in the film FLEA, then Kevin from The Arcata Eye asked my about my Bayside electric newspaper. I explained that no one had paid me for a $10. ad yet, and since I had given up suffering with my last husband, I never did it. Kevin expalined that he had an interest in community news to offset the barage of international and national news on the radio and larger newspapers. Would I be interested, OF COURSE! So now I have seen it in print, my daughter's big, fat cat, overfed by my dad, her grandfather,....and we have an email address for Oliver. Just in case you prefer a cat to email here is his address:
As this very interesting summer progresses, I applied for a job with the Eureka Symphony as their assistant/marketing person, we'll see....and I have a Gospel CD coming out from Hilltop Records in August, just one song is mine really,...I hope to be teaching dance to kids-at-risk at the church, and I am always re-writing my play. Blogging is good.

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