Friday, May 14, 2010


Suza Lambert Bowser Productions has graced Arcata with an office, a cast,

meetings, costume calls, interviews, and large tables of very busy people on computers. In our sleepy town, it is terrific to witness the energy and creativity as the film "FLEA" is in the throes of being produced.

"FLEA" is a full length feature film that will be produced and filmed entirely in Humboldt County. The story-line revolves around a young boy who joins a clan in the Redwoods. He contends with a series of semi-magical characters who give him the tools and skills to find his way through life.

With a budget of $325,000. all of which will remain in Humboldt County, Suza is pursuing her goal of artist advocate and the development of local filmmaking. This production of "FLEA" will employ approximately 50 Humboldt County cast and crew members, the services of caterers, artists, restaurants, markets, banks, and local products.

The website is under construction and to create the search index we are asking interested parties to please key in You are encouraged to blog at this site. For information, please contact Noreen Dooley-707.822.0347 or Tally Wren-707.599.9190.

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Tally said...

It will be fun to see the filming in and around Arcata during the month of June. Everyone should keep an eye out...