Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bead Stringing & Visual Merchandising

My days have been spent primarily working at Ten Window Williams Fine Jewelers in Eureka. I have been using my talents to create a strung and knotted turquoise & lapis bead necklace, plus adding new inventory throughout the Estate Room with an educated eye towards placement. We have the costume jewelry group, the sterling silver & turquoise group, the vintage group which includes our woven hair and mourning jewelry, and metal antique purses. I have taken out an as with THE TRADER for my enterprise called "Your Electric Secretary", which offers a wide variety of services revolving around correspondence, virtual assistance work, except no-one seems to know what that is...and ghost-writing. Boo!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

online banking is for me

I have always looked at the granite real estate owned by banks for the sole purpose of maintaining my money. Apparently they rid themselves of my little dollars just as soon as I put them in the forms of loans to others. Often times they overbook whatever funds that handle to give themselves
HaHa! If a person overdrafts, then cannot catch up with the daily punitive fees added on, then that is pure profit for the bank. How convenient the same people who are in charge of millions of the public losing their homes, has no problem charging a ninny like me to keep up their own real estate!
I do not have any solutions for our current economy except to keep working, love modestly, and wish to high heaven that our government would play by the same rules. Fragmented personalities do require one set of persons to live one way, while the privileged ones, live another.
I am a Dave Ramsey fan, I love listening to his common sense advice on the radio about debt, money, collection agencies, big money, and eternal optimism. He suggested his audience try out an online bank and I was more than ready.
This bank has intelligent and attentive telephone help, and so far, so good.
It is called Perk Steet Bank, and a client gets perks (cash back) with use of the debit card.