Monday, May 31, 2010

New Feature in The Arcata Eye

This is great. I have been bugging the local editors with one story after another, then I finally decided to start my own newspaper, electric of course, of my many skills, delivering newspapers is not one of them...I mean I could really, just not a 4 a.m., well enough distractions...Once I had a non-speaking role in the film FLEA, then Kevin from The Arcata Eye asked my about my Bayside electric newspaper. I explained that no one had paid me for a $10. ad yet, and since I had given up suffering with my last husband, I never did it. Kevin expalined that he had an interest in community news to offset the barage of international and national news on the radio and larger newspapers. Would I be interested, OF COURSE! So now I have seen it in print, my daughter's big, fat cat, overfed by my dad, her grandfather,....and we have an email address for Oliver. Just in case you prefer a cat to email here is his address:
As this very interesting summer progresses, I applied for a job with the Eureka Symphony as their assistant/marketing person, we'll see....and I have a Gospel CD coming out from Hilltop Records in August, just one song is mine really,...I hope to be teaching dance to kids-at-risk at the church, and I am always re-writing my play. Blogging is good.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Trip with Jeanne Riecke and Pic of Bigfoot

My traveling companion, as often as not, is my friend Jeanne. We have loads of fun and travel with Mr. Wonderful, the doll. One of the photos that I think is awesome is shown. Then, wouldn't you know it, I met Bobo the Bigfoot Hunter, and did an interview with him for my column in the Arcata Eye. Finally! I can make good use of a perfectly good and funny photo.

Friday, May 14, 2010


Suza Lambert Bowser Productions has graced Arcata with an office, a cast,

meetings, costume calls, interviews, and large tables of very busy people on computers. In our sleepy town, it is terrific to witness the energy and creativity as the film "FLEA" is in the throes of being produced.

"FLEA" is a full length feature film that will be produced and filmed entirely in Humboldt County. The story-line revolves around a young boy who joins a clan in the Redwoods. He contends with a series of semi-magical characters who give him the tools and skills to find his way through life.

With a budget of $325,000. all of which will remain in Humboldt County, Suza is pursuing her goal of artist advocate and the development of local filmmaking. This production of "FLEA" will employ approximately 50 Humboldt County cast and crew members, the services of caterers, artists, restaurants, markets, banks, and local products.

The website is under construction and to create the search index we are asking interested parties to please key in You are encouraged to blog at this site. For information, please contact Noreen Dooley-707.822.0347 or Tally Wren-707.599.9190.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Flea shoot on hold temporarily

Although the movie "Flea" did have its costume call, the shoot is called off until June.
Kevin from The Arcata Eye called me about an update, so I forwarded information for him to do an article on Suza.

Monday, May 3, 2010

I have been cast in a film called "FLEA"

Hooray! A film production company is in town headed up by Suza Lambert Bowser. I auditioned, although I am pretty rusty, and got cast as a Hospital Patient. I am sure this is a complement. I think this is a perfect re-entry into the land of drama.
It is a fantasy story for children, and I have copied off the script as the actors are required to be
"Off Book" by May 9. The cameras are scheduled to roll on May 17.

I went in for my fitting at the Arcata Shopping Strip and there were the long row of costumes ready for the fittings. Because I will only be wearing a hospital gown, no measurements were needed. Oh Darn. I have been in denial about my weight gain, so I didn't want the wake-up call quite yet. I will begin teaching tap dance for the Eureka Parks and Recreation Department this summer, so hopefully, my weight will peel off like a pair of old sweatpants.
This is exciting. The time frame for the fittings was from 11-4 pm, so it is my hope that everyone made it and the directors/ production staff were not wasting their time.