Saturday, October 23, 2010

Illustrations added to website for sale

One of my many drawings that I have done pver the years reflects my muse in an illustration composed of multiple dancers entwined with stringed instruments. I am selling digital copies for $15.00, and will sign and number each one. It will be printed on heavy weight paper and could be an excellent gift for the arts buff on your holiday list.
Visit my website for mailing input. Thanks!

Peg's Legs Handknit Dancewear Knitting Patterns

Hello again fellow Knitters!

I am resurrecting my long time great selling knitting pattern book titled:

"Peg's Legs Handknit Dancewear", first published in the 70's. While I have made efforts to market this book in stores and in the backs of craft magazines, I have finally decided to create a powerpoint file and sell the patterns online. I am charging $6.00 for this service. I have put little jokes and wonderful drawings into my book which I wrote out by hand. I have decided to maintain the integrity of the original illustrations and penmanship skills so no, I won't be rewriting it or having it type-set. It is a great learning book for the beginning knitter and/or penmanship enthusiast!

Paperdoll book loaded onto website

Paperdoll book set up for Christmas Sales.

I decided the clever and cost-effective method of marketing my paperdoll book would be to offer a version that can be downloaded from a powerpoint file. I am charging $6.00, with a Sales Tax figure for the California State Tax Board. There are 33 illustrations for a child to color and cut.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Hello! I am fortunate to report that the publisher of my small song O HOLY BABE OF THE NIGHT has featured it on their website site: . They said it was because it was requested so much. If one goes to the site, please go to the left side Navigation Bar and click on GOSPEL, then from there you have several Christian Contemporary choices, and mine is at the botton right. I have many more songs to produce, and I am in the process of working through the materials, either sending them to Hilltop or getting them notated to be used in my play/musical Miss-Placed: The New York Years.
I have been working on a site for a Reptile Breeder which is fun with the promise that I never have to visit the actual home of the creatures. Pictures are quite adequate thanks. It is called, and we ordered the business cards last evening.
I am working on an article for The Arcata Eye based upon Women Pilots here in Bayside. See you soon!