Saturday, October 3, 2015


On my bucket list is to enter a grand casino in Monaco wearing a screaming red sequin gown.
By the time I get there, my hair shall be white but alas, my ducks will be in order.
Jeannette Getrost Gown
I subscribe to a newsletter called MONACO WEALTH MANAGEMENT because I am constantly attempting to learn how to manage money. It  just so happens I don't have any to manage so I am purely in the speculative stages, but I do not consider it evil, in fact a smart person could do a great deal of good with money. I am thinking specifically of donating to the the Salvation Army for that's what I call social security! Please note:

Along with the yachts, operas, casinos, & such, comes the idea of supporting the arts. Boy, does Monaco support their arts. It's a beautiful thing. Recently Monaco Wealth Management developed a partnership with an online art service & the results have been fabulous. Founded in 2010, MWM decided to focus on international contemporary artists. The company represents artists in Monte-Carlo & Berlin.

Plenty more about this topic:

In addition to selling, the newsletter has articles revolving around the artists perspective in terms of business. Recently there was an article with a User's Guide of Dealers with steps itemized.
1) Pay your artists on time
2) Don't call artists "crazy" or "unreasonable"
3) Don't ignore their phone calls or emails
4) Go to art fairs, & bring your artists
5) Sell their art to the right collectors
6) Have relationships with museums or influential board members
7) Be their advisor as well as their dealer
8) Get them things the can't (or don't want to) get themselves
9) Get decent wine or beer for the opening.

Heck, this could be a guideline to how to stay married to an artist as well. Good tips!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

"METROPOLIS" is alive & well living on Youtube!

1927 was definitely a good year in German FILM...


I placed this video onto my blog because it features an important idea about marketing the arts.

I was told the best way to view a video was on youtube because it offers various formats so that whatever the user needs, youtube is already there.

I love the arts & artists. Creativity is the greatest strength we can offer the global audience.

Unfortunately, many art people think it is wrong to make money, that they will be viewed by others as greedy, & I think this inhibits their ability to be true to themselves & their message.

Let's take off the politicizing of our work. If we don't want to be judged by narrow minds I think we need to exhibit open-mindedness about money.

Throughout history it has been the elites who determine success. Be it the aristocracies, the churches, the governments...but today that has changed. The Internet has changed all of our voices to a new idea of seeking symbol.

Art is our ancient global language. Communities have always communicated with music, symbol, fiction, thoughtful garment making, dance, & ritual.

Puzzle how to sell the arts on

I created this video while take courses with Full Sail University, which I loved. They are ahead of the curve with their coursework and method of reaching out to their students across the world. I succeeded in attaining a Masters Science in Entertainment Business...meaning I was seeking how to market the classical arts, opera, ballet, symphony, drama....which fell under the umbrella of entertainment.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Beloved Actress Bonnie Halverson is role model to musician daughter Sara Bareilles...

Bonnie (Bareilles) Halverson

"Ye shall know them by their fruits"
-Matthew 7:16 KJV

MOLLOY:  Could you tell me when you first became interested in drama?

HALVERSON:  As a Junior High School girl I was greatly inspired by having been taken to a production of "Oliver" featuring Davy Jones of the Monkees. This took place at the Circle Star Theatre and I was in love with Davy Jones. I was so drawn into the musical I forgot who he was.
A great life lesson about really getting into character.

MOLLOY: And your first performance?

HALVERSON:  Always being a "ham", my first play was in 8th grade. I had a part in "Our Hearts Were Young And Gay". I will always remember Miss Valla, a local community theater actress who insisted we always behave professionally.

MOLLOY:  At this point, can you estimate how many plays you have participated in?

HALVERSON: I would say between 40-50 stage shows overall in my lifetime.

MOLLOY:  Did you receive formal dramatic training?

HALVERSON:  I  studied for a Drama Major at Cal. State University at Hayward.

MOLLOY:  Do you have a favorite style of performance?


MOLLOY:  Your daughter Sara Bareilles is  known as a musician. Did you study music as a child?

HALVERSON:  I  did not study Music but when the girls were growing up we always had a piano.
We had many happy hours with performances upon the coffee table, from comedy to music shows.
Stacey is an actress/ singer/ mom who was very strong on stage. Jennifer is working in Improv in NYC. 

MOLLOY:  What are your plans for working your talent?

HALVERSON:  At this time I am "on hold" with family to care for. Long-term I will share the joys of Stacey's children and  joyful singing, Jennifer's Improv shows, and Sara's concerts.       
Tickets: 844-316-8220