Saturday, October 3, 2015


On my bucket list is to enter a grand casino in Monaco wearing a screaming red sequin gown.
By the time I get there, my hair shall be white but alas, my ducks will be in order.
Jeannette Getrost Gown
I subscribe to a newsletter called MONACO WEALTH MANAGEMENT because I am constantly attempting to learn how to manage money. It  just so happens I don't have any to manage so I am purely in the speculative stages, but I do not consider it evil, in fact a smart person could do a great deal of good with money. I am thinking specifically of donating to the the Salvation Army for that's what I call social security! Please note:

Along with the yachts, operas, casinos, & such, comes the idea of supporting the arts. Boy, does Monaco support their arts. It's a beautiful thing. Recently Monaco Wealth Management developed a partnership with an online art service & the results have been fabulous. Founded in 2010, MWM decided to focus on international contemporary artists. The company represents artists in Monte-Carlo & Berlin.

Plenty more about this topic:

In addition to selling, the newsletter has articles revolving around the artists perspective in terms of business. Recently there was an article with a User's Guide of Dealers with steps itemized.
1) Pay your artists on time
2) Don't call artists "crazy" or "unreasonable"
3) Don't ignore their phone calls or emails
4) Go to art fairs, & bring your artists
5) Sell their art to the right collectors
6) Have relationships with museums or influential board members
7) Be their advisor as well as their dealer
8) Get them things the can't (or don't want to) get themselves
9) Get decent wine or beer for the opening.

Heck, this could be a guideline to how to stay married to an artist as well. Good tips!

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