Sunday, January 28, 2018

Use of Affiliate Marketing/ THE ARTS

I have a new project to experiment with.
Pegalomania: Blue Piano
I am going to begin listing art related businesses that I have found to represent as an affiliate.

Just in case you like the blue piano, it also comes in vibrant yellow.  Prints $100.00
available here!

1) Learn Piano & Keyboards! (click link below)

2) Award winning music production software! (click link below)

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Pegalomania: Vibrant Yellow Piano

4) Podcasting Pro Course! (click link below)

Any comments, purchase requests on prints or feedback welcome:
Email me at
Have a wonderful, productive, & creative workweek!

Sunday, October 22, 2017


COAT by Peggy Molloy (Pegalomania)

When I first began participating I was living in Boston, & someone suggested I send in some slides of my work to the American Crafts Council Fair Competition that would be held in the summer in New Paltz, NY.

I was as unsavvy as a business person could have been, but the talent was recognized & several fair goers told me to go to Henry Bendels on 57th in NYC. I took my paillette sequined sweater cardigans & did get an order for three. 

I rarely wore my coat, but when I did it always garnered attention. I was dancing then so I had a size 8 figure, which helps the coat hang well when worn.

One such outing, I was offered $3000. on the spot. I declined, but always thought if I were ever to sell my coat, that is where I would begin negotiations, now being 40 years later.

I have stored my coat in heavy plastic & I am thrilled to announce the coat is in fabulous condition. 
I did spray it with vinegar & water to freshen it up, & it has a new life. I will include more pictures.
If anyone is interested in purchasing this sample or having a commissioned coat made just for them, please email me:

It it pretty tough to get the rich & varied colors shown with anything other than 100% wool. I used wool embroidery thread, letting the patterns design them selves or "grow", on a pink cotton velveteen fabric. It is unbelievably rich looking.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Ballerina KIMBERLY GRAVES-HAMM Now Coaches Ice Skating Competitors

Marco Berg & Kimberly Graves-Hamm
Decades ago, while performing in a touring company from San Francisco called "Ballet Celeste"...

 I met a young girl named Kimberly Graves. She was the lead in all the dances, had exquisite taste in clothes, & held an uncommon authority in her craft. No wonder then, that she soon went off to become a Soloist with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet

While in Winnipeg, she spent four seasons. Graves then moved to NYC where we once again became acquainted. She joined the METROPOLITAN OPERA BALLET where she was a Principal Dancer for 17 years. I looked her up recently now that we are both living in different parts of California, only to learn her vision & talent have extended to new horizons in ICE! To follow is an interview she graciously gave to me amidst her many professional obligations.

(Photo Above Right) Kimberly Graves-Hamm in Nashville, Tennessee, with talent Marco Berg, in costume for competition in the National Showcase Parade Champions, Silver Medalist 2016. The National Showcase is a competition in theatrical skating. It is sanctioned under the U.S. Figure Skating Rules 

MOLLOY: What triggered your decision to transfer your artistic skills & vision to ice-skating?

GRAVES-HAMM: After years of admiring Figure Skaters & watching the Olympics, I saw a need              for the artistic finish that a dancer has. The musicality & artistry was missing.

MOLLOY: Your protege' participated this year in Nashville with the National Showcase Parade                    Champions?

GRAVES-HAMM: I went with Competitor Marco Berg.

MOLLOY:  I wish you only the very best in your artistic endeavors. How would like to be contacted?

GRAVES: The best contact method would be to email:

Kimberly Graves-Hamm offers off-ice instruction that complements the on-ice activities of skating professionals. 

For dance enthusiasts please check out the website linked below Kimberly's photograph.


Link to voice lessons: <a href="" target="_top">Click Here!</a> Try it to become a triple threat!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Pegalomania Paper Dolls now available in one dozen lots!

Pegalomania Paper Dolls by Peggy Molloy
Dancer/ Designer Peggy Molloy
dba: Pegalomania 
proudly presents 34 designs to color & cut out for of all ages who need to relax & enjoy themselves while listening to ballet scores on the machine of your choice.

one dozen lots @ $6 per book 
= $72.00 ; plus shipping & handling = $7.00 Total  = $79.00

Just send your email for invoicing to THX!


Thursday, March 2, 2017

Eureka CA has new Certified Craft Distilled Spirits being created!

being created in Eureka, CA! by Peggy Molloy
 For "Shrove Tuesday" I went to our church's pancake supper. 
I was given some raffle tickets from a friend who could not stay for the entire event. It worked out that by the end of the evening, I had won some fabulous spirits! Perfect for an evening devoted to spiritual thoughts...

Living in remote northern California, nestled deep within the Redwoods, we do need our entertainment. Apparently the owners of Humboldt Craft Spirits is ahead of the game with their concoctions of gin, vodka & rye, but also some terrific recipes. I can tell these are tested to the finest detail! I will set them up for the reader below.

In general I dedicate this blog to the arts, but it could be argued that making fine spirits is an art form. 

Here are some recent awards:


Monday, June 27, 2016




     My introduction to Leira Satlof was one summer, many summers ago when she & James Floss were auditioning for “1940’s Radio Hour” for a production being put together for the Ferndale Repertory Theatre. Having been cast, we shared extensive rehearsals for a 26 member cast and by all accounts, the show was a success. I was aware that her mother Jane Hill was a co-founder of Dell-Arte, another local company I had worked with, for a Christmas show.

     When Gloria Montgomery telephoned me late Saturday afternoon for going to the theatre that night, I was thrilled. It is always wonderful to accompany such a talented and well-known actress as Gloria. We went to see the current production of THE WHITE SNAKE at the Ferndale Repertory Theatre with bells on.

Oregon Shakespeare Festival Photo

     First staged at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival by Artistic Director Bill Rauch, this Chinese fable has had updates by such notables as the Brothers Grimm. I found the show brimming with talent, excellent casting, tasteful music written by Brian Post, with loads of excitement riveting the audience between fight scenes, dance scenes, love scenes, and scene changes, with drama and a driving story.

     I particularly enjoyed watching the mercurial temperament of Hanah Toyoda, playing the role of the monk Fa Hai, along with playing the parts of Narrator #4, Canopus, plus working as the Make-Up Designer. The other leads were very good, keeping the show at a good pace, and developing their character depth as the Second Act unfolded. I always look for those with a dance background, always noticeable.

    I loved the poetic elements held within the production decisions that could be compared to Cirque De Soleil. Growing up in the Dell-Arte world fashioned Satlof’s vision for how staging could and should work.  I thought the positivity of the teamwork expressed itself by the energy and creativity demonstrated by the cast throughout the uniquely timed and detail oriented blocking.

     I want to close with an official congrats! to Leira Satlof and the committee for having chosen her. It’s a new day in Ferndale. It is my hope that the community will rally by attending the final two weeks of the show. It is a good method to relax, especially with relatives possibly visiting, or the children needing some entertainment for the Fourth of July weekend. You are in luck, July 3 and July 10, 2016...both days have 2 pm matinees so you can take in the show with your family.   (707) 786-5483

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Julie Fulkerson Goes To NYC!


interview by Peggy Molloy

Photo: Julie Fulkerson NY Set

MOLLOY: When was your most recent visit to NYC? 

FULKERSON: March 2016

MOLLOY: Do you go there often?

FULKERSON: We make every effort to go once a year.

MOLLOY: When did you first begin going, i.e. with your parents maybe?

FULKERSON: Actually, first trip was with my parents when I was 12 and on the way to Europe. We left Eureka on a six-day Greyhound bus trip across country and ended up on the docks of Manhattan to take the Ryndam on a ten day trip across the Atlantic…a story in itself.

MOLLOY: What was your favorite show at the theater? 

FULKERSON: This time, it had to be Waitress because of Sara Bareilles’ role in writing the score. It is always tough to pick one, because all are terrific an diverse experiences. This trip we also saw Father with Frank Langella, Eclipsed with Lupito Nyongo’, Boy and Michelle Williams and Jeff Daniels in Blackbird; NYPhil rehearsal, Sondheim review, Paul Horn and Judy Collins at St. John the Divine, numerous chamber concerts and a ballet….street and subway musicians! 

MOLLOY: What was your favorite concert? 

FULKERSON: Solo cellist in Trinity Church.
Photo: Julie Fulkerson NY Concert
MOLLOY: How has visiting NYC shaped your ideas about our local cultural offerings? 

FULKERSON: It is a reminder that there is unlimited material and talent in the world. It is important to show up in person. "Hamilton" will bring in over $1 billion in ticket sales. That is important to me because it means actors, musicians and technicians will be employed for years to come, just on this one show. Much bigger impact than a block-buster movie. And, there is a very different visceral response with live theatre than art in a can.

MOLLOY: There is an upcoming auction with your thumbprint on it to support a local school & social programs currently being held at that school. Details on poster below.
poster art by Augustus Clark
MOLLOY: I want to thank you personally for being an outstanding example of civic leadership & supporter of the Visual & Performing Arts in your community of Humboldt County, CA.