Saturday, June 2, 2012

Terrance L. Beals Productions
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One of my friends working today in the television industry lives in Hawaii. 

Terrance Beals is currently working in Honolulu, and in addition to being a creative entity himself, he has a strong interest in Securities. He is also a writer/producer for television shows.

MOLLOY:  What genre is most of your work being produced on television at this time?

BEALS:  TV sitcoms and dramas.

MOLLOY:  Can you help me out with the demographic that you are writing for?

BEALS:  I aim for the age group of 18-49 year olds.

MOLLOY:  So, as an independent producer what is the name of your company?

BEALS:  Terrance L. Beals Productions.

MOLLOY: OK. So you are the instigator or the work for your own company?

BEALS:  I develop, write, produce and sell TV shows to studios, distributors, and other production companies. I create TV pilots, trailers and promos for the shows that I create.

MOLLOY: Once that is done, what is the next step?

BEALS:   The next step involves presenting the trailers and shows to distributors, the the distributors to buy the show.  Companies that buy the shows will be involved in financing and licensing future episodes.

MOLLOY:  Are you embracing digital technology and why?

BEALS:  Digital technology allows producers to be more flexible  and work more efficiently. I was able to effectively and efficiently manage costs, because of my production experience, and the fact that my business owns the production equipment.

MOLLOY:  I seem to recall that you had mentioned that you originally were interested in producing music?

BEALS: Yes, that is where my interest in production began.

For a more general view of demographics and how they are used to analyze audience types, there is plenty of research and surveys that are being done by Ad Age & Mindset Media.

Apparently according to research, if you like THE OFFICE, you have feelings of superiority, if you like MAD MEN, statistics tell us you are creative and socially liberal, if you like FAMILY GUY,  then the likelihood that you hate authority is very high, and if you enjoy  DANCING WITH THE STARS, then you are most likely a traditionalist.