Sunday, July 19, 2015


I placed this video onto my blog because it features an important idea about marketing the arts.

I was told the best way to view a video was on youtube because it offers various formats so that whatever the user needs, youtube is already there.

I love the arts & artists. Creativity is the greatest strength we can offer the global audience.

Unfortunately, many art people think it is wrong to make money, that they will be viewed by others as greedy, & I think this inhibits their ability to be true to themselves & their message.

Let's take off the politicizing of our work. If we don't want to be judged by narrow minds I think we need to exhibit open-mindedness about money.

Throughout history it has been the elites who determine success. Be it the aristocracies, the churches, the governments...but today that has changed. The Internet has changed all of our voices to a new idea of seeking symbol.

Art is our ancient global language. Communities have always communicated with music, symbol, fiction, thoughtful garment making, dance, & ritual.

Puzzle how to sell the arts on

I created this video while take courses with Full Sail University, which I loved. They are ahead of the curve with their coursework and method of reaching out to their students across the world. I succeeded in attaining a Masters Science in Entertainment Business...meaning I was seeking how to market the classical arts, opera, ballet, symphony, drama....which fell under the umbrella of entertainment.

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