Thursday, November 15, 2012

Attorney Zwerdling discusses Martha Graham
Attorney Zachary Zwerdling
is working out of Eureka, California although his educational background features Stanford University & Santa Clara University School of Law.

MOLLOY: As a creative artist myself in a cyberspace world, I was wondering if you dealt much with content protection at this point?

ZWERDLING: My practice focuses on civil law & personal injury cases, but I can easily suggest several lawyers working in the Los Angeles area that would have greater experience in this field. I am currently a member in a rock-and-roll band, therefore I  have a serious interest in copyright laws however. I hate it when files are stolen without proper credit.

MOLLOY: I am aware of a conference being sponsored by Variety Magazine upcoming in December that features the topic of content protection with some of the best minds and largest budgets in the industry. Http://

The beauty of knowing someone since high school days is that I know your mom was a dancer in NYC. Could you remind me who she had performed with?

ZWERDLING: Thanks for remembering my mom. Yes, she performed with Martha Graham Dance Company and also created a concert at Carnegie Hall with a friend of hers, another dancer. The score was developed especially by the same composer from the Graham company at the time.

MOLLOY: His name?

ZWERDLING: His name was Ned Roren, a peer of Aaron Copeland, who usually did the music.

MOLLOY: Do you have programs or costumes?

ZWERDLING: It is all packed away, but yes, I do have a collection that she had kept. I don't know where to begin.

MOLLOY: Let's start with pictures. I have the perfect camera, very simple. There are places in San Francicso... The Performing Arts Library at the War Memorial Opera House Complex, or in NYC at Lincoln Center, they also have a performing arts library and research center. I will get started for you, this is terribly exciting for me & I know it would of great interest to other dance lovers.

ZWERDLING: She definitely gave me the appreciation for dance.

MOLLOY: You were one of the few people who actually understood what I was doing... going off to dance class day after day during my teen age years. Dance was the only thing that made sense to me, & I remain devoted to my first love, the ballet. Thanks Zachary!

Zwerdling, Bragg, & Mainzer, LLP
is the name of the firm where Zwerdling is currently at work.

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