Wednesday, May 16, 2012


     My newest career as an Artist Manager & Promoter has begun. 

     Our country's economy is based upon old-fashioned recipes for success. I believe there is room for advancement but connecting with "Creators" and artists of our day. There is a wealth of sophisticated, dedicated arts industries being created on a national scale, most of which is done privately, behind the closed doors of the studio. It is  my goal to participate in showcasing what America does best...Innovate...Create...Market. I want to be the Ed Sullivan of the arts!

     To me, marketing art on the Internet is the elephant in the room. We have a glut in the market of Visual & Performing Artists, and the global buyers who are hungry for USA culture.
Look at the sales of music and films for an example of the buying power of the global public.
Traditionally, our society overlooks and underpays its artists, this needs to be re-framed.

     I do not propose any political agenda, so many art people are apolitical anyway, except by creating any active, big-quality  marketplace, based upon a trusted community of buyers & sellers. I have always enjoyed being in the middle of everything, so I now wish to pursue my new role as the go-between for this new, uncharted global and fascinating adventure.

     In my recent Business Story-telling class, we were asked to flesh out our thoughts in a video format. I have reworked the video so that only the written word shows, without my narration. I replaced the narration with Mozart's Requiem Mass to give the show some gravity.
New video about branding myself...

     The actual blog that I set up for the exact purpose of marketing has had 526 hits in 4 weeks.
I have been contacted by, or communicated with 4 very talented artists, and send out a weekly heads up to my "art person" list. It is my hope to extend my services to tours of the area from afar, and private showings inside the artist's workshops to help close the deal. This gives both the artist and the client time to feel unique, and personalizes the shopping experience, a plus combined with another plus. I love hostessing and creating special events.

     This video is from a collage of illustrations, melodies and poetry... This vocal work is me, myself, & I.
I put on my business hat and had this video monetized by Google, so we will see what happens with this ongoing rather grand experiment.

     I feel confident to take the reigns because of my personal background working as a performer, composer, director, educator, designer, illustrator, and writer. I have always maintained healthy business relationships, with life-long learning practices, entrepreneurial projects, and retail sales experience.

     I know myself, and for better or worse I can tell you I am not a perfectionist, I am a generalist. I comprehend and respond to the "big picture" listening to news from multiple sources to keep up to date, watching visual trends in movies, magazines, and images on the Internet, and constantly analyzing according to my own social values and aesthetics.

This is the original poster from 1979
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