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Negotiation Experience A Big PLUS!

Producer & Executive 
Bill Morrill 

Clarke Historical Museum collection "Fort Humboldt"

To follow are questions about negotiation in television advertising & production.
Bill Morrill, Humboldt County history buff and creator of "101 Milestones" (a video featuring Northwestern California's Redwood Coast, and historical records) discusses how values play a large role in negotiating. 

MOLLOY:   I know that you handle television advertising contracts on a daily basis. In addition, your recently worked with 
Shell Oil, owned by Mario Andretti. When working with high profile companies and personalities, do you consciously separate the personalities from the negotiation bullet points?

MORRILL:  There's no separation...people are generally the root of conflict and problems.

MOLLOY:  What is your "negotiating persona", or rather, when you enter the room ready to work on a contract, are you always willing to accommodate their requests to secure the deal?

MORRILL:  I approach the table from a position of strength. I always reiterate benefits of placement and how the success of the project lies in reaching to the audience.

MOLLOY:  When you think your client may not be playing fair, do you confront them? How do you choose to handle difficult situations in the Board Room?

MORRILL:  The challenge is always do the best job you can to help the client, while upholding your worth and value of the product.

MOLLOY:   With your experiences in negotiating with strangers and friends alike, do you have a different set of rules for different situations?

MORRILL:  Honesty and kindness go a long way----sincerity can be read when it's real.

MOLLOY:  So then perhaps, strangers can become friends. Mutual benefit is a key, we all want the WIN-WIN. Can you give me an example of finding that balance necessary for succeeding in your negotiations?

MORRILL:  I met Mario Andretti personally several times when working on the Shell Oil deal. I thanked him for his trust, and he thanked me for doing a good job. I hope this helps.

Bill Morrill moved to Humboldt County in 1972. He is a direct descendent of pioneers Joseph & Zipporah Russ. His family still owns Fern Cottage, Ferndale, their ancestral property. He is active in writing about local history. The photograph above represents the large collection found at the Clarke Museum, Eureka. He produced a series about Humboldt history that aired 50 episodes on Fox 29 and MyNet 33, beginning in 2006.

Bill Morrill enjoying a classic car show
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