Monday, December 3, 2012

Future of publishing industry lies in technology
is well-known in Humboldt County 
as the printing shop of choice. Established is 1972, it is privately held. 
Bug Press features commercial printing & lithographic services. 
ROBERT ARENA, owner, is highly articulate making him a great interview candidate.

MOLLOY: What is the biggest shift in the industry that you have noticed since you began?

ARENA: The technology and methods of delivering messages has changed with the advent of the internet and digital printing. While there has been democratization in this delivery, the education toward effectiveness is lacking.

MOLLOY: In your opinion, what does the future hold for the publishing industry?

ARENA: Publishing would deal with books and magazines. These materials now can be made in editions of one in print or just as interactive electronic documents.  We are in our infancy, only starting to see how this new paradigm will open possibilities.
It is very exciting. There is a rising need for individual books that can not be met by video displays, a push back to our increasingly impersonal technological world.

MOLLOY: What projects are you currently working on?
ARENA: Up on the wall right now we have the program for "The Nutcracker Suite", an annual for the NORTH COAST DANCE. We also print up specialty jobs for local artists. The artists may not be able to sell a larger piece, but they can always sell a beautifully made card, printed on good stock, with a print-on-demand agreement. 

MOLLOY: I know of several fine art photographers who are dedicated to your diligence to give a good product. Thank you for doing such a great job on the program of the Eureka Symphony, in which I had placed an ad.

I had the opportunity to tour the Bug Press facilities located in Arcata, CA. Arena was a gracious host and stressed how much he enjoyed having visitors come by and check out the process.

For my own edification I searched Http://

Should a writer, artist, or group in need of a program, book or online marketing feedback for direct mailing efforts, Bug Press is sure to please. It is pleasure to watch a business develop and prosper knowing it had endured so many growing pains, shifting its emphasis and services as the industry has changed.

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