Friday, October 12, 2012

Libby Maynard, Community Arts Maven

Libby Maynard, trusted expert & community arts maven, ... she has graced the Humboldt County Arts Scene since first arriving to attend Humboldt State University in 1967.

Prior to her move, she had begun her collegiate career at Wellesley College, Wellesley, MASS. &
at the International School of Bangkok, Bangkok,

With her clear vision of the value of a community with a strong arts emphasis, she has pioneered individuals and organizations to propose projects that work within the realm of The Ink People mission. These proposals are determined to fall into four categories:  1) short-term "one-offs   2) long-term "one-offs"  3) standing programs of The Ink People  4) with development and planning, projects become separate 501c3 entities.

Confronting the myth of the eternal "starving artist", Maynard refuses to go negative. I personally have enjoyed her enthusiasm & support for creative projects, noticing her self-discipline to remain positive.

Back to detailing Maynard's work in Humboldt County, located in Northern California, she has organized cultural communities featuring their expression through the arts with Native Americans,
the Hmong, & with the Latino community. We are all the wealthier in spirit for these efforts.

Maynard is an excellent project manager, and her talent for fostering the creative spirits among us is a true strength. In addition to her love of the arts she has the required skills of good presentation, good understanding of business, command over writing, leadership skills for individuals & groups, and her high energy and integrity.

Another person dedicated to creative entrepreneurship is Mark McGuinness, with a website for artists that includes coaching, training and coursework called The Creative Pathfinder.

Todd Henry is a leader in the creative productivity business. He discusses "inventing brilliant solutions that meet specific objectives by defined deadlines",...a tall order. But he is finding method ot the madness and along with his breakthrough book THE ACCIDENTAL CREATIVE, he offers a series of podcasts on his website Http://
AC Podcast: Steal Like An Artist with Austin Kleon
AC Podcast: Creative Inversion
AC Podcast: The Nature of Contribution
AC Podcast: Wyatt Jenkins of Shutterstock
AC Podcast: Leveraging Failure For Growth

We are fortunate indeed to have at our fingertips such an abundance of information & inspiration.

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