Friday, March 30, 2012


  I began recording my songs in the 70's at studios here and there. I collected three songs and a poem and added visuals, meaning illustrations and photos, and put my video on Youtube. The address is Http:// The same video airs on our local access television station Access Humboldt. In addition, I have produced videos on Dance Classes and Serious Music in Humboldt.
     In 2004, I copyrighted my original stage play with original music with the U.S. Library of Congress. Their link is Http:// It is always fun to explore such sites as they are a wealth of ideas. The categories to choose from are: Architecture & Design, Cartoons & Comics, Folk Art, Movies & Television, Music, Photographs, Prints & Posters, Poetry & Literature, Theater & Dance. After careful consideration I made my particular choices. A person can download forms, fill them out, pay a nominal fee, and thereby copyright one's materials. I did this to create a legal paper trail of my work that unfortunately, while I hope people enjoy what I have written, it can be easily pirated.
     A few weeks later, magically, I received a letter from "Hilltop Records" in Hollywood. I have since learned that they are one of several companies that track creatives such as myself. They requested materials, and I sent them cassettes. From there, I had two songs produced in their studios, at my expense, and they guaranteed airplay. Once the airplay had occurred, and confirmed, I was then eligible to join the prestigious American Society of Composers and Producers from New York City. Http:// I have had two songs produced and are available by purchasing the CD/albums. Http://
     I now receive the daily ASCAP DAILY BRIEF IN email newsletter format. The focus is Music, Copyright, and New Technology in the News from a Creator's Perspective. The DAILY BRIEF can be accessed on the Headlines page of and/or in the ASCAP_RSS_FEED.
     Today's topics (March 28, 2012) are Investing in US Telecoms, Piracy Liability, A Little Less Spin on Filesharing, New Zealand Court Rules MegaUpload Assets Seizure Null and Void, a story about Harvard's Crimson Newspaper article "A Sensible Compromise: The MPAA's recent approach to illegal downloading is refreshing", NPR SVP of Marketing: "Public Radio Is Actually Expanding", Radio's Growing Online Revenue at a Double Digit Pace, Twitter Releases official Guide for Musicians, and Digital Music Created the Resurgence in Vinyl, and many more.
     Member services offer Title Registration, Career Development, ASCAP Estate and Trust Planning for Music Copyright Owners, Social Networking, Equipment and Studio Guides, Health Insurance plans and various workshops featuring awards and recognition of talent.

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