Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I have an intellectual argument with allowing the Visual & Performing Arts being placed within the umbrella of Entertainment, however, since film, music, and the dramatic arts crossover into painting, sculpture, symphony orchestra concerts, and ballet,...I agree to use the term Entertainment loosely. The arts encompass social and cultural information that cannot be ascertained except through individual perception and interpretation. My preference towards training is in the classical arts, and I have an interest in managing classical artists. A favorite site is Http://

One of the finest resources regarding the Visual Arts is from Princeton University. Their online site provides us with lesson information, extensive resources for National and International Art Associations, a resource of art sites, cartoons,  and news. There is also a link to JOBS with the following designations: Advertising Art, Animation & Cartooning, Desktop Publishing, Video Game Designer, Graphic Designer, Fashion Design, Web Design, and Career Advice.

You can also find color symbolism charts, and books that give us fascinating insights into the history of color, along with many other resources for scholarly pursuit of the visual art worlds.

This leads me to my next topic which is relevant to the Performing
Arts on tour. It is one thing to create and build a set for a stationary stage, and understand that its purpose is to be a destination.

It is quite another thing to take a set, props, musical instruments, cast and crews on international tours.

There is a company based out of London, but maintains offices throughout the world that specializes in AIR-LAND-SEA situations called Rock It Cargo. It began as a rock and roll tour company but currently offers excellent services to theatre, circus, orchestra, tradeshow, film, commercial, live events, fine arts, music touring, and industrial project types.

I was interested in researching risk management needs and solutions, so I checked out their page on
"Rock-It Cargo USA LLC Terms and Conditions of Service". By following the outline of items a person can gauge the decision-making required when one goes on tour.

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Ashlee Bowie said...

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