Thursday, April 28, 2016

Julie Fulkerson Goes To NYC!


interview by Peggy Molloy

Photo: Julie Fulkerson NY Set

MOLLOY: When was your most recent visit to NYC? 

FULKERSON: March 2016

MOLLOY: Do you go there often?

FULKERSON: We make every effort to go once a year.

MOLLOY: When did you first begin going, i.e. with your parents maybe?

FULKERSON: Actually, first trip was with my parents when I was 12 and on the way to Europe. We left Eureka on a six-day Greyhound bus trip across country and ended up on the docks of Manhattan to take the Ryndam on a ten day trip across the Atlantic…a story in itself.

MOLLOY: What was your favorite show at the theater? 

FULKERSON: This time, it had to be Waitress because of Sara Bareilles’ role in writing the score. It is always tough to pick one, because all are terrific an diverse experiences. This trip we also saw Father with Frank Langella, Eclipsed with Lupito Nyongo’, Boy and Michelle Williams and Jeff Daniels in Blackbird; NYPhil rehearsal, Sondheim review, Paul Horn and Judy Collins at St. John the Divine, numerous chamber concerts and a ballet….street and subway musicians! 

MOLLOY: What was your favorite concert? 

FULKERSON: Solo cellist in Trinity Church.
Photo: Julie Fulkerson NY Concert
MOLLOY: How has visiting NYC shaped your ideas about our local cultural offerings? 

FULKERSON: It is a reminder that there is unlimited material and talent in the world. It is important to show up in person. "Hamilton" will bring in over $1 billion in ticket sales. That is important to me because it means actors, musicians and technicians will be employed for years to come, just on this one show. Much bigger impact than a block-buster movie. And, there is a very different visceral response with live theatre than art in a can.

MOLLOY: There is an upcoming auction with your thumbprint on it to support a local school & social programs currently being held at that school. Details on poster below.
poster art by Augustus Clark
MOLLOY: I want to thank you personally for being an outstanding example of civic leadership & supporter of the Visual & Performing Arts in your community of Humboldt County, CA.

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