Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Major Shifting Reflected By Global Art Structuring

I have a premise for most of my thinking about art:

"Art Is Our Ancient Global Language".

This is reflected by many arguments about whether the Mother of the Arts is dancing or the creation of music? Both dance & music hold equal merit in my mind, but I want to discuss a bigger idea.

There is the phenomena of mega-museums, the diminishment of the local galleries, the huge global 

impact of the Internet, & the destruction of many centuries old sites representing older civilizations.

"Rise of the Mega-Museums"

From the Whitney, NYC to museums all over the country,... renovations, facelifts, & extensions are stretching the minds & corridors of art institutions all over the world. Couple this with the deterioration of the smaller, home-town art galleries all over the country. Again, when we go to the theater, we understand the multi-media concoctions on stage are part of the new experience.

Here is my question...As the art world becomes more bold globally isn't this affecting the market at its core? I define "core" by those in small towns & city lofts creating their own art, be it choreographers, musicians, painters, sculptors...No one is happier than I am to have the arts & artists flourish, however, I feel I am witnessing basic business nuts & bolts. There is a glut in the market so to speak, galleries now charge the creative artist from 50-70% commissions, so therefore, who is making any money? Dare I compare this to the oil market? We are dabbling with basic constructs of luxury, class, & values.

At the same time, we record the loss of sites. We can begin in the Middle East where so many religious/ cultural structures are being destroyed as acts of WAR because they are reminders of civilizations & religions of ancient societies from long ago.

Just saying...I personally have great affection for the Old Masters, but clearly I view their study as a stepping stone, much as I appreciate the training of classical music for vocalists or composers.  Most dance people can tell instantly if a performer has had ballet training, by the ease of movement, the central strength, & lift of the physique exhibited by the actor. Let's not spend our precious time & dollars re-inventing the wheel. I view it as a tragedy to lose the artistic marvels of the world because they represent so much of cultural thinking & expression of the human experience.

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