Friday, August 1, 2014

LUXURY Prive Show held at the Waldorf Astoria/ Jewelry is Art!

As a member of the Press, (Helium Network) I was able to attend the LUXURY Prive Show held at the Waldorf Astoria in NYC. My professional jewelry background includes extensive studies at Gemological Institute of America, Carlsbad with sales experience to include Tiffany's, Bailey, Banks, & Biddle, and Shreve & Company. I worked as a traveling sales representative for Stephen Singer Antique & Estate Jewelers, NYC meaning I took a million dollars worth of jewelry in a suitcase with body guards with guns to meet me at the airports. I explain this only to show how much the jewelry industry has changed in 15 short years, pre-911.
Oscar Heyman
I had the honor to sit next to and chat with such notables as Diane Warga-Arias (JewelryActivist), Diamond Expert Host on HSN, and across from Tom Heyman from the Oscar Heyman family, with information regarding the book of family history being created by the Boston Museum of Fine Art, executive Ron Greenidge from Emiko Pearls with offices in Hong Kong & Seattle, Robert Andrews with ZIVA, and Becky Cole, independent blogger. (

The "buzz" was about what the women were going to wear to the evening signature event of the Women's Jewelry Association. Each company had a few minutes in the breakfast sessions to explain who they were, their latest design issues & successes, and friendly reminders of how long they had all known one another with those in the room.

Here is the list of the 2014 Exhibiting Designers & Brands: A&P Arafin Co Inc, A. Link, Aaron Shum Jewelry Limited, Air Essentials, Alisa, American Gem Society, ARIVA, Artistry Ltd, CHARLES GARNIER, Christopher Designs, Cicada Jewelry, Color Story, Coronet Diamonds, Danhov, DAVID MOR, David Rovinsky, Diabella Inc, Dilamani, Doves by Doron Paloma, Ed Levin Jewelry Inc, Emiko Pearls International, Fana, First Image Design Corp, Frederick Sage, Gemfind, GemIT, Gemveto Jewelry Co, The Gordon Co, HJ Namdar, Harmon, Henderson Collection, Henri Daussi/Andiamond, Hulchi Belluni, Imagine Designs, JB Star, Jewelers Mutual, Julius Klein, KC Designs, LJ Cross, LJ West Diamonds Inc, Maiden Lane Jewelry LTD, Marco Daniel Inc, MARLI, Martin Flyer, Mastoloni, The Mazza Company, Memoire, MK Diamonds & Jewelry, Mondrian Collection, Nadar Kash International, Omi Prive, ORRANA, Oscar Heyman, Papini Gioielli, PE Jay Creations Ltd, Phillip Gavriel, Repousse Jewelry, Samuel B. Collection, SES Creations, Sienna & Co, Silver Promotion Service, Simon G Jewelry, Somers, Spark Creations, Steven Royce, Strolli Oro Group, Tasha R, Trendvision/Fiera DI Vicenza Jewellery & Forecasting, Ziva.

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