Monday, July 14, 2014

Online Art Sales Facing New Opportunities

Meredith Bede Aldrich studied at University of California Santa Barbara campus, Camdem Arts Center in London, UK, & had Chinese painting lessons through an interpreter in HongKong at the age of 12 years old. Her cartoon site is

She currently accepts commissions for portraits of homes, pets, families, & individuals.
Please contact her via the telephone (707) 616-1850.
Meredith Bede Aldrich
Meredith Bede Aldrich
It seemed that several years ago every artist & their dog had a website. The truth be told, maintaining a website is expensive financially but also in terms of time. Most of the artists I know would prefer their painting to website baby-sitting.

Success in the arts has found a home with two highly credentialed institutions in NYC. EBay & Sotheby's said they want to capitalize on the growing  use of online mobile devices, noting that online art sales are projected to increase to $13 Billion by 2020...The venture will start by streaming live auctions from Sotheby's New York headquarters, allowing "real-time bidding from anywhere around the world".
The other key player in the world of art auctions is Christie's. 

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