Sunday, November 10, 2013

Rosenberg Family Art Collection Gaining Attention Worldwide

@nytimesart, April 26, 2013
Paul Rosenberg, world renowned art dealer in Paris, had his collection looted by the Nazi regime in 1944. The lawsuit continues as interest in justice for the ruinous destruction of German culture develops.

Crated off in a train to who knows where, for three generations the family has been seeking the art which has found itself in museums and private collections.

Picasso, Renoir, Braque, & Cezanne originals are but a few of the works that have been lost.

The Museum of Modern Art does have within its archives correspondence with family members with letters to the elder Leonce Rosenberg. Letters also include artists notings associated with Galerie de l'Effort Moderne and its Bulletin.

History unfolds and tells its story about who received and coveted these priceless works. Many have found their way into state run collections in foreign countries. Policy leaders had been threatened by the non-verbal messages being displayed in bold colors and radical forms.

Cezanne (1839-1960) painted subjects of mortality as her became obsessed with death ideas in the later years of his life.

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