Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Jason Lim Conductor Creates Intrigue

Recent prize winner Jason Lim 
is Founder, Executive & Artistic Director @

Please view orchestral video link:


MOLLOY:  Where did the inspiration for the name of your performing group come from?

LIM:  First, I wanted to give my orchestra a more exotic name rather than the name of a city or a place. The inspiration came from my fascination with mythology & the reference to every man's  journey & struggles, which I could certainly relate to.

MOLLOY:  When did you first begin playing a musical instrument?

LIM:  I started playing the piano when I was ten years old. Later when I was twelve, I started the violin, then later switching to the viola. My love for music developed from that point.

MOLLOY:  What led you to being interested in becoming a conductor, which I might add, seems to me, a daunting task?

LIM:  When my interest in violin began I saw a video of Simon Rattle, & from then on I knew I wanted to become a conductor.

Jason Lim currently works in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area & oversees the many challenges & opportunities revolving around pursuit in the classical performing arts.

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