Saturday, December 20, 2014

Personal Goal To Convert Creativity into Social Positivity

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I just loved this illustration. 
Very Vintage & Nostalgic.

This is the Season to be giving in the optimum, shake off some mental ruts, look around us.

I am taking some personal responsibility this year to involve myself with the Salvation Army.
Since 1868, people have been taken off the streets, hungry, tired, discouraged, homeless, addicted..yet whatever their belief system or world model, the only question asked is "are you hungry?"

Since my involvement, many people have taken me aside to tell me of how the Salvation Army had helped them during difficult times earlier in their life. One fellow put a $20 into the bell-ringers kettle explaining how he had once run out of gas. A stranger had picked him up at the side of the road, gas hi gas money & took him to a local gas station. When the stranger was asked how he could be repaid, he was told, "Just out a bill into the kettle at Christmas"...

On an intellectual level, it is my intent to figure out how to convert the Creativity of Artists into a prosperous culture. I am not political so I avoid  making suggestions about changing society or blah blah. No, I mean at a very personal level, each of us has a great deal of power within our own minds, hearts & souls. The concept is simple but I think our society has neglected the emotional intelligence in each opus. Well, get it back!

The hunan condition is full of sorrow. This is how we grow. To grow strong we need something to reach up to. Thus, the value of the Salvation Army. It is a vehicle to reach out of our comfort zones & either get some help or give some help, & really it is the same thing. It is the emotional honesty & willingness that focuses the transition.

I urge you as an active, creative, highly functioning individual to count your blessings, then listen up to the tiny bell being rung by a Salvation Army volunteer. Go ahead, reach up on the Angel Tree & find a child that needs a gift. The gift is a reminder that Jesus loves them, so what's wrong with that?

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

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