Thursday, December 12, 2013

Chatting With Author/ Performance Artist Tracey Barnes Priestley
Tracey Barnes Priestley is a pioneer of a new sort of gal. I state this because as a female writer with a play to produce, I have been educated to analyze my target audience. Baby-boomers? Older women only? I hate to create more division in our audiences than we have already as a society. Culture nuts? Art lovers who appreciate previous eras?

I grit my teeth at the term "chick-flick" however, I recognize my rememberances of NYC in the 70's riddled with ballet scores & The BeeGees most likely will not draw a younger, sportier crowd.
(I want to be wrong on this).

We are all getting older & living longer. Many of us have a great deal more to get done in our own "Second Half's"... I began noticing who among us was able to market to my age group, taking the blows in stride yet able to come back up smiling. This ability is a version of true sportsmanship.

Priestley has been at it for awhile now & I admire her for it. She took her elegant lankiness to the stage responding to her own archives of newspaper writings, predominantly letters that she had received from readers dealing with "the reality of being over 50 in the 21st century". Acting, singing & dancing with the Humboldt Light Opera Company, & a lover of music, her show THE SECOND HALF was set with actress/ director Valerie Gillett-Bourne. It was performed with energy & humor.

Her recent book titled "DUCK POND EPIPHANY" is available on her website which constitutes her first novel. Priestley can be contacted via Twitter @TraceyAfter50. Hopefully, we will get updates in the future about Tracey after 100.

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