Saturday, May 18, 2013

Interview with After-School-Enrichment Coordinator Abby

Interview with Abby Munro-Proulx and Peggy Molloy, Moderator

Abby Munro-Proulx

MOLLOY: Are you traveling to Thailand again this summer?

PROULX: Yes. We have contacts at three schools where we will visit and teach or work with teachers for a least a week each. Last year we worked on one school with a visit to another.

MOLLOY: does an outside group organize this?

PROULX: Because of AFS ( we have many contacts in Thailand. We also have contact with an organization, which helps rural Thai students get educations.

MOLLOY: Are you seeking more volunteers to join you?

PROULX: The organization actually looks for teachers for three months or longer positions. The local coordinator is Sandi DeLuca of Coldwell Bankers.

MOLLOY: What is your educational background?

PROULX: I have a teaching credential and have worked in a variety of settings, often in a supervisory role. I am a graduate of HSU, BS in Fisheries Biology. I have lived in Humboldt County since 1964. I have student taught at Jacoby Creek School. in Bayside.

MOLLOY: How do you think your faith as a Quaker have manifested in your efforts as a community member?

PROULX: I think that it means I am self directed and my actions are what is an example of my religion. I do not attend Quaker meeting but I still have connections with the group.

MOLLOY: How long have you been active with the after-school enrichment program at Jacoby Creek School?

PROULX: I started the After School Enrichment Program when my younger daughters were at JCS.  I started, as a parent volunteer and later became a paid employee. Valerie Bourne remains as the only instructor of the original group.

MOLLOY: How many children have you and your husband Michael Proulx “fostered”?

PROULX: Our family was involved in foster care for many years and has adopted two of the children who were placed with us.  We have six children total, and five grandchildren.
MOLLOY: When did your interest in the international student community begin?

PROULX: In about 1995 we began to host with AFS and have been doing that ever since, either by hosting a student or teacher, or hosting an HSU international student. We now have an international family and keep in contact with these family members around the world. We also have AFS volunteer and staff friends around the nation and the world.

Proulx has been a stellar community member and her efforts echo in the lives of many children and adults throughout our county. Speaking from personal experience, Proulx is patient, sincere and resourceful. The educational realm is better because of her efforts within the school framework and her support of the arts.

Abby Proulx Journaling Photo Thailand

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