Friday, March 22, 2013

Bigfoot Hunter offers insight into digital publishing


The local post office guy asked me if I would like to interview his friend who hunts Bigfoot.
I said "sure", and soon met up with Bobo Fay, the Bigfoot Hunter and pursued my interview for the local newspaper, THE ARCATA EYE. He was kind enough to bring over a card board box full of plaster of paris Sasquatch footprints. Since that time, I have occasionally been able to catch up with Bobo, although he is a tough cookie to catch up with himself.
Bobo Fay is the second from the right in this photograph about one of his many projects on ANIMAL PLANET.  He is unassuming, honest, funny and blunt. This is refreshing...

Bobo had just flown back from Hollywood where he finished a shoot for Comedy Central. He was on his way to Chicago for a dinner date with the Animal Planet significant executive, yet somehow, the message from Peggy who knew Brian at the Post Office rang a bell in Bobo's being and he called me. Yay!

He had been negotiating a book deal, and this is the point of this article. He was offered 2/3 less this year than last year, due to the high levels of piracy that publishers are experiencing on the Internet.
I have heard radio talk show hosts use Bobo's rendition of Bigfoot's call on the air as a joke. I think it is terrific. Bobo has been infatuated with Sasquatch since he was five years old.  Always dedicated and scientific in outlook, Bobo Fay is sincere and enthusiastic about his research. How great is this when we are surrounded by those who do not know what to do with themselves!
Bobo is "handled" by APA agency in Hollywood.

Discovery Network is one of Bobo's projects, and he is being approached for a reality show. He has had offers from A&E and MTV, and has shot pilots for Monster Quest. He does not look the part so his success is all the more wonderful.

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