Saturday, October 24, 2009

New Digital Artwork Adobe Photoshop

I am working on a poster that I put together with a picture of Clover Mathis, Alvin Ailey Dance Company and personal friend, with a cartoon of myself, and a stage with music stands. I did this because in my mind I have a "chorus" in the classical sense of narrators and voices throughout the show. The title of my show is "Miss-Placed: The New York Years" and consists of a medley of movement, poetry, pre-recorded dialogues, and personal comment. It takes place in a radio station in the foggy Northern California Redwoods. I am going to seek help from a new entity that I learned of from my ASCAP (American Society of Composers and Producers) magazine of which I am a member. "" is the name and it looks promising for someone such as myself who cannot imaging anyone producing my show except me. I have written over 330 articles for a writers website called, and get paid slightly from doing so. It is a good exercise for me anyway. My real job is being the Project Manager for a physician who has more projects than I do! For better or worse, I understand and I am compassionate about the creative spirits which are riddled with connondrums, (spell check thought my spelling was OK)...and he has written a book about Fibromyalgia. This is very exciting because to have found a cure for Fibromyalgia would help so many people, primarily women, all over the world. We are translating his articles in Japanese and Spanish, and expect to expand.

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Swan said...

Absolutely Beautiful!!!